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Thinking about opening up for board games and general socialising this weekend.
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Imagine looking across the Canterbury Plains to the brilliantly clear Southern Alps and seeing the mushroom clouds rising beyond them; impossibly high into the atmosphere, impossibly far away, one after another until the sun is blacked out.

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I have many VHS tapes containing episodes of old (90's) TV shows like Highlander, Forever Knight, a bit of Raven, Viper ...

I'm not actually likely to ever sit down and watch these again, and if I really feel the need at some point in the future I'm sure I can track them down online on DVD or some other format.

Now is as good a time to throw them away as any (I seem to be having a bit of a purge the past couple of months), but I do have this VHS -> PC setup working ... not a small project though...

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Sep. 10th, 2008 01:08 pm
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So, TV3 is bringing back the telethon.

Short version: 20-21 June 2009, aim to raise $2mil for KidsCan.

I never really saw the original Telethons - I remember collection events being held in the boarding house when I was in early secondary-school - but there are some youtube clips here

A largely cynical part of my nature is screaming 'media stunt', but there's also a part of my brain sparking away like crazy with the idea of organising or co-ordinating a game-athon for the event.
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Thanks to everyone who took the time to take a look, vote and give feedback on my previous post :)

I've brought them up to looking good or at least viewable on my machine. First 30ish uploaded for comparison.

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On my desktop CRT, the pics from the Games look incredibly dark. I spent quite a bit of time today lightening them, then took a look on the tablet's LCD to discover that the originals look fine as is.

It's the audience that counts, so I've uploaded the first 50 (49) originals to garner some feedback.

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I've submitted my photo for photoshopping and inclusion in a 'members calendar' for one my online haunts. I got this in a PM from the artist just now.

I'm working on your calender pic right now and I just have to say, you have awesome hair.

And really cool fey features. I've been tempted to make you an elf but I think (given the subject of the pic) that you'll still be human.

I'm torn though. Elf or human? Which do you identify with most?

I've already given my answer of course, but a question for the masses:
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I should drown my sorrows?

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On top of everything else, work politics have reared an ugly head.


Jul. 6th, 2006 12:37 pm
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I finished the bulk of my course. All that's left is workshops and the Group Development Project which,naturally, require other people to be at an appropriate stage to do them.

I have completed about "1000 hours" of work in under 500. With an A+ average (and no score below a B+).

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There are employment prep workshops next week - until then I'm 'taking a break'. Which translates into BoD this weekend and working on some of my non-career related projects. And maybe some general socialising, if I'm lucky.

Right now I'm sitting at the computer, next to the heater, with my jacket & woolly hat on thinking "It's cold!" And it as it must be about lunchtime, about making hot food :)
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Nov. 15th, 2005 05:47 pm
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Tagging [ profile] doth, [ profile] keenie, [ profile] ananchel (:p) and anyone who is purely bored enough to read behind the cuts :D
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Dream of the Endless
You are Dream! Many people see you as living in
your own little world. Though you would never
try to harm someone needlessly, you are not
always aware of the consequences of your

Which Sandman Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Well, I got the one I wanted, when I expected anyone but.

First question put me to wondering... (and single choices are so limiting):
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This is after putting extra against the mortgage and other sensible things like that.

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x-posted from the Chch Gamers mailing list, because I paid for this poll facility dammit :D

I noticed last night that we are really starting to rattle around in our regular bookings. The not-so-subtley hidden intent of this poll is to rustle the bushes and see if there are enough willing GMs/Storytellers/[term of your preference]s and players out there to get a few more games going. One-evening events are just as valid options as ongoing campaigns.

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- want a cracker?
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In other news, dinner is disagreeing with me in a big way.

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