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Had about the closest I get recently to a good night's sleep, so things look a little better this morning.

Did enjoy the party on Saturday, photos coming at some point. Would have stayed longer, but I had to be up in the morning.

The D&D3 game wrapped up on Sunday. Arthur never did get to meet his family, which I'd kind of expected to get out of the way in the first month or so. It's been intermittent as well, so I'm not recovering a lot of time from that.

Eventually got my hands on Symatec's "remove all our products" utility, and got rid of Norton. Laptop still has about 500M less RAM than it needs to run Vista + anything though.
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Natural 1 to save against Stinking Cloud. Maximum on the rounds nauseated while being filled full of arrows. Finished off in the last round of incapacitation by a critical which took him to exactly -11.

Mmm, comfort pizza (Hell Pandemonium double)
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A distinct lack of borad-gamers tonight. So I've been home a while. Nothing much on the Box, but I somehow caught Underworld: Evolution last night.

Had a marathon session of [ profile] shenya's game on Sunday - a nice little dungeon crawl - didn't finish until after 5 which left precious little time to organise anything before Guidos. Fortunately the party did actually spend the session looking for information on the dragon rather than taking off into the swamp to look for it at random.

Arthur finally reaches level 8!

I had previously lost all of Saturday to Civ II - including a lot of gardening that really needs done!

Except for the evening Monday was a bit of a wash - things just took constantly hours longer than they should have. Today was better work wise - blew off what I should have done in the morning to get a solid 6-hour day in at the office.

I'm also having one of those evenings where my eyes complain at doing anything involving the computer or deadtree media :(
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Thought for... erm .. several days ago - By my own standards, I am not a perfectionist.

Neverwinter didn't happen last night. One player is in Ireland (fair excuse :D ), one let me know he had another engagement barely hours before the game, and another just didn't show.

Short-to-no-notice drop-outs make me grouchy.

Instead we dragged out the old SAGA copy of Talisman and played that for a few hours. I -almost- won, but [ profile] uaekiwi's Troll beat the last life token out of my Gladiator atop the Crown of Command.

Guido's Treasure wrapped up a short arc and now begins a Dragon hunt.

[ profile] shenya's game is starting what will hopefully be a relatively simple dungeon crawl. Starting with a dragon.

Work week was OK.

My little niece (2? 3? yrs) was airlifted to hospital yesterday afternoon with a diabetes complication "ketosis" or some such. Was thisclose to being rushed up to Starship yesterday evening,but has apparently improved.

I am sitting alone in front of the computer picking at little computer/internet related tasks like the edges of a scab and slowly going stir-crazy. The edges of sanity-threating dvds curl out from the direction of the lounge to assault my senses when I pass by. Lacking any true blobbing-out options I may have to return to Civ II.
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Everything is so taking longer than it should this weekend...

Last weekend - BoD and Gaming )

[ profile] anarchangel has started a thread for the discussion of BoD here (I know, late to the party. I'll chip in when my head is less fuzzy. One of my hot-button topics, donchaknow :D).

start of week - CSS and board games )

Thursday - Neverwinter )

[ profile] morag_windstar - this is your reminder to send me your character background so I can make use of it next session!

Weekend to date )


Jul. 1st, 2007 05:12 pm
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The party was generally good last night, aided by a number of compliments from various sources, hindered by other people's consumption of alcohol and having a knife embedded in my leg (metaphorically).

The scar has occasionally had weather-aches ever since it was first carved in over a decade ago, but last night had the worst I can remember. The area is still alternately unusually numb or tender today. This rather limited my dancablity and general focus. I'm hoping it was just a result of the rather warm and humid conditions, although I wonder if I somehow managed to aggravate it either last weekend or over the week.

If it continues to be a problem I may go to a doctor.

Arthur's party was nearly wiped out on Saturday in an early-morning attack by a band of Ettin and bears. We pulled through, but it was touch and go. Props to the druid's combat wildshaping and the wizard's summoned fiendish dire ape. In future thought will be given to the fact that it's hard to hear the alarm being raised through the "as stone" walls of a Leomund's Secure Shelter.
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Good turnaround - the insulation man visited to measure up the place for a quote on Friday, emailed the quote today and can start tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a warm house - confirmed that the stuff in the ceiling is a layer of compacted fluff of no insulating value at all.

Lit the fire yesterday, winter is here.

Weekend was quite productive - Saturday anyway. House cleaning, laundry, washed the car, banking and a bit of shopping. I now have a webcam 'cos someone has put -that- boss onto the idea of Skype conferences since we're all around the country. Hilarity is bound to ensue [sigh].

I do already have Skype of course. Hanging out to be able to get Skype-in in this country (or some other permanent voip number).

Note to self - need to top up cell phone.

Gaming on Sunday - inflicted an impromptu dungeon crawl on the DM in [ profile] shenya's game but it was good fun. Well, I thought so. In Guido's Treasure spent quite a bit of time on bookwork, shopping and planning followed by dropping some monstrous spiders on the PCs after they decided to take a week out just to hunt wraiths.

Cat had his annual checkup today. Might need dental, might not. I'm to keep an eye on how he's eating. He's lost weight again - 6.36 kg this year
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Well, not a Grue, a tendriculous, but still annoying. Back down to 6th level again and having to argue for a raise/rez instead of a reincarnate.

Quoteable quote from [ profile] ankhst's birthday do:

[ profile] plato_hell (earnestly) : But everyone here is old except for me and [R.] and [me].
Everyone else in the room (who have some idea of my age): [a moment of stunned silence] ummm, I think....
Me (carefully): Lucy, at the First Party I was twice your age.

I'm considering it a compliment :D I also received another comment I found much more flattering earlier in the evening.
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[Grumble] Waiting on other people again. Two projects on the go which just require info in my inbox....
saturday )
sunday )
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Sunday afternoon - D&D. You might recall that at the end of the previous session, Arthur was dead and things were looking grim for the PCs.

Well, two more died in the determined attempt to not leave Arthur's body behind. But one way and another all the bodies were retrieved and raised. We retreated to the surface for a while and came back with a plan which worked wonderfully. Hydra barely knew what hit it.

The Cone-of-Cold breathing Storm Giant which materialised at the end of the fight - that was a bit unexpected. Three weeks (two-session break) before we find out what happens.

Sunday evening - Guido's treasure. Thought I might be looking at a TPK when the Umber Hulk ambush was unleashed and the majority of the party failed their Saves vs Confusion. If someone with Dispel Magic hadn't rolled "act normally" it might have been. They survived, but failed to look around in the tunnels (which were of course threatening to collapse) for loot, and missed quite a valuable stash.

Then managed to scare the party into Plane-Shifting the heck out of there in panic - with a Silent Image backed up by a weakening area effect and a few critters with mirror image. Not to the Astral or Ethereal (which I had contigency plans for) either, no, they had to bugger off to Arboria.

A rest period and a regained spell later they decided that rather than return to the Isle which had been proving more dangerous than profitable they would pay a visit to Alfheim on returning to the Material plane. However Plane Shift has a 5-500 mile margin of error and 300-odd miles later they are definitely not in Elven lands.

I have two weeks to come up with a whole new set of plots to try and ensnare them with.
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So we ended today's gaming session on a cliffhanger, as Arthur was taken from 26? hitpoints to exactly -10, thus dead except for the fact that oneof the other PCs may have an item which can save him if used sucessfully in the next round.

This event also changed the odds in the battle from even-ish to massively in the hydra's favour.

mailpuppy has been down all day. I hate to think how much spam is going to be in that account when it comes back up, assuming mail is getting through.
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Thursday Supers

In the climax to the campaign the PCs, having arranged a distraction elsewhere to draw the majority of the defenders, snuck into the vicinty of the portal and sucessfully defended the NPC Arcanist while he preformed the ritual to close it. The battle was hard and desperate with suprisingly little damage spread around. Poor Twitch took the brunt of it, requiring actual cybernetic rebuilding in the epilogue. The portal was closed, the demon lord mostly destroyed except for a few maggots which managed to find a home in Victor, thereafter trying to corrupt him into becoming a new host, the demon army scattered to the four corners of the earth. Ember didn't have to return to Egypt to face trial - this time - despite that being the price for receiving the Arcanist's help. Firefly's future is uncertain with his secret identity possibly blown wide open.

Saturday D&D

Spent some time divvying up loot, discoverd a deep pit trap, handled some Carrion crawlers despite two of the party becoming paralysed, then lost a character and a bunch of other gear in the first round of fighting a black pudding - we retreated.

The deceased character was d.'s again - entirely his own fault, he didn't ask for healing after taking significant damage falling into the pit and was insistently in front when the pudding got surprise. Asking for healing is the sort of thing we've stopped suggesting to him - it's the sort of thing if he won't remember himself he deserves the consequences.

We lost quite a bit of party loot with the character as well, despite the fact that she had only been with the party a few days - she was the only one with arcane magical ability.

The other stuff was with Arthur - a Cloak of Resistance and more importantly his Breastplate - the gift from his church on being inducted into the Knightly order. This will make his desire to cross the mountains to a city containing a church to his faith somewhat pressing. It's quite fortunate he didn't lose his magical shield and flail as well.
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Yesterday I managed to get the last of my Xmas shopping done.

Had two games yesterday - a special of the Saturday game since we didn't manage a regular session last weekend and probably won't be playing again until Febuary, and the regular Thursday game.

The first went well. Arthur finally managed to get some mileage out of his cleave feat, although ironically after he had lost his primary weapon (heavy flail +2) and resorted to his spiked gauntlet. Suddenly the high numbers started rolling. Although the fact that he wasn't worried about losing the gauntlet and went full power attack certainly helped with the damage. (Adds spiked gauntlet focused fighter build to list of possible future characters, right after the dual-bastard-sword wielder).

I was also managing the absent player's druid, and the session took more out of me than I expected. So I wasn't in top form for the evening session and neither were several of the players. It basically deteriorated into "I shoot it" "I hit it" "I magically blast it" from my players and the opening fight scene wound up taking all of the (shortened) session. However there were some promising examples of teamwork and power-sharing from the characters. [ profile] niennahirilfea's usual writeup here.

I should probably get out of the house this evening, to avoid the risk of crimping the flatmate's big date :D Anyone up for a movie or something? (Although most entertainment venues are probably going to be jam-packed tonight).

To-do list today

Wash dishes
Clean toilet
Lay in enough groceries for the next few days.
Pay insurance bill
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The day was allright, really. Yesterday's game had been moved to today, and forward an hour. There was a pretty tough fight to start with (note - disarming humanoids doesn't stop them threatening if they also have natural weapons, like a bite), but good (bloody sticky shields), then a bit of mucking around, then the sorceror's luck (and/or the DM's patience) finally ran out and she got herself killed.

This evening's game was cancelled due to insufficient players, but I was d. sitting anyway. [ profile] doth made it home earlier than expected so likewise I made it home early.

Then for some reason my mood plummeted. I'm now capital Grumpy, despite ice cream. I'd analyse why, but I think it would only make things worse :(
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Due to moving my supers game forward to monday for the week to accomodate a player who wasn't going to make it on Thursday, I had games Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

In the saturday game my character was finally (temporarily) reunited with his mount, and later we had two combats going simulataneously, with about half the party in each. Stupid sorceror almost got herself killed. We're currently investigating the problem which has caused the dwarves to close off their mithral mine, having restored the adamantine supply from the mountain elves.

On Sunday the party avoided some encounters and beat on others. Bit of a shame about the mage, who wasn't going to be a target until he dove for cover. What's a hunting dire wolf to do, when one of the herd reveals itself to be weak by falling over?

Various silly aspects of the module were noted.

[ profile] niennahirilfea posted a write up of the monday (thursday) game here. The players are slowly getting the hang of this no-system thing, although one seems determined to be a hinderance as much as a help, generally sitting out of the action and deliberately doing nothing.

I think the session had a good mix of throwing powers around and situations which couldn't necessarily be easily resolved with application of super force. And now, the plot thickens....
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Slightly limited tho' the free version may be ... I'm satisfied with this result.

Arthur, Knight of Amalee )

Now I need to go and get on with the list of things I was actually supposed to do today :D
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Guido's Treasure
The PCs ventured boldly into the fallen Citadel and have managed to strip it of much of the easy pickings. Now things get interesting :->

Broken Kingdoms
They finally fixed the bridge! but not before someone finally failed the Fort save vs exposure. Also realised what a treasure the unusual rope picked up last week was - with a little GM prompting and after a point at which it would have made life a lot easier.

After a further attempt at reducing the beetle population they set off into the mushroom forest and nearly lost a member to the "level boss". Next week we see if they actually manage to find loot, and how the other inhabitants of the cavern are reacting to the disturbance :->

[ profile] shenya's Saturday Game (playing Arthur)
Last week's cliffhanger was resolved to the dis-satisfaction of one player, and out of sight of sleeping party members. One character's secret was revealed in the process, and two PC's lost their memories. There was a Satyr party. We quested to find a nymph who could restore the memories of said characters, and got off lightly on the cost.

There was practically no combat, rather to little D.'s disappointment, but we're trying to encourage him to the understanding that there is more to roleplaying than who's turn it is to roll the dice. A healthy helping of XP to aid in that. A pity that L.'s character wound up sitting out most of the session one way or another (so did Arthur, but I had/made more to do).

And there was sticky jammy chocolate cake for the players :D

I've been looking into firewood prices (as I can't bludge off my parents this year). Budget's looking a bit lean, especially with the (increased) rates bill arriving today.

There's a horde of screaming teenagers having a party at a house down the street.

Ze. Update.

May. 7th, 2006 10:00 am
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The drinkies last night turned into a fairly happening party, but having been awake since 6am I piked shortly before 1.

Gaming yesterday was pretty good, one thing about dungeon crawls is that you get from action point to action point pretty quickly if the players don't mess around. Pacing is something I need to work on in my games. The short burst followed by break format seemed to work as well.

It's always easier to criticise. Need to work on encouraging the 9-year-old more when he does something right.

Less procrastinating, more getting stuff done. Today: Prepping for Guido's and groceries are the two "must completes".

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I'm going User-pic hunting!

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