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A catalyst for social change

This is a brave thing for a broadcaster to do, muses Carol Hirschfeld, head of programming for Maori TV.
Five hours of prime viewing time over the next two nights are being dedicated to an issue not just close to Maori but to all New Zealanders, she says.

The topic is child abuse/domestic violence and what we can do about it.
Tamariki Ora: A New Beginning starts tomorrow at 8pm, followed by The Sounds of Hope at 9.10pm, and continues on Monday at 8pm, followed by The Sounds of Hope at 10pm.

We can hope this becomes something that makes it into the next "[n]ty years of NZ Television" - ironically the documentary series of that name I'm following* on Prime clashes with Tamariki Ora in the 8:30pm Sunday spot. I'm going to have to see if I can persuade the Freeview to act as a PVR, after the last upgrade it's theoretically possible.

* and picking up quite a lot of NZ history from - I know shamefully little about my country really
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Green bin filled, lawns mown, roses sprayed, groceries sorted, nap unsuccessful, drinkies attended, vacumning done, bathroom etc cleaned, reading caught up with, several blog posts made, new blog project started, TV watched, rested - not so much.
In the realm of those coincidences I don't believe in - after watching online this afternoon Douglas Adams talking about the Kakapo I discovered that the follow-up episode* of Last Chance to See on the Kakapo was on Prime tonight.
(The original Last Chance to See is a book written by Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine as they travelled the world seeking out endangered species, as a companion to the BBC radio series of the same name - Last Chance to See)
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I'd be watching things like This week in TV history and other stuff from the TVNZ archives [sigh]
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Ziln, the brainchild of two local technology companies specialising in online broadcasting - e-cast and NetsideTV - is starting today with a lineup of seven New Zealand channels playing scheduled and "video on demand" programming, plus 14 international news and business channels streaming live.

TelstraClear, the country's second largest telecommunications company, is backing the venture, which it will promote through its Clearnet customer website.

This caught my attention because TelstraClear doesn't meter visits by it's customer to the streaming videos on it's site (which would be great, if I was interested in recycled sports from TV3/Sky, or video game previews - the only types of updated content they have there). If they did the same for this internet TV channel I'd be able to afford the bandwidth to watch it.

Alas the TV has it's own tab on the menu, and not an 'Unmetered' icon in sight. So until data becomes more affordable for me (one way or the other) - still won't be watching.

(The $70 a month I pay for Telstra Cable TV would cover an extra 20Gb, by the time I factor in losing the discount for having Phone/Net/TV package. I'm not convinced that would be enough having seen just how fast regular YouTube type video can chew through data and mentally upscaling that to a decent resolution/HD).
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The Matrix Reloaded as the Saturday Classic Sci-Fi on Sky Movies Greats.
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Many years ago (10-15?) there was a kids TV show called "The Son of a Gunn Show" hosted by Jason Gunn & Thingee. (Having read this far some of you may already be suffering unpleasant flashbacks.)

My two youngest siblings were in the audience for a couple of these shows, and guess which tape in the archives I've just got up to.

Things I never needed to see, even at x7 ffwd
- Jason Gunn being humped by a guy in a gorilla suit
- in front of a bunch of sub teens
- he's wearing a t-shirt which reads in big letters "KNO TTS" (I think)
- but it really really looks like "NO TITS"

The things I do for my family.
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The Comedy Channel now on cable 10 (don't know about Sky proper, but probably) has The Goodies. Brit comedy I missed repeatedly.

Now showing The Young Ones, which I'm less amused by in general.
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I just watched this episode of Grand Designs Abroad on Living Channel.

If I couldn't have a castle, something like this would do nicely :D
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The new Saturn digital decoder was installed today. So far it amounts to a few more channels not to feel like watching, although some have promise. The new remote is smaller, and the EPG isn't working yet. The technician said a couple of hours - it's been considerably longer. I'll give it until monday so I can place the call to their helpdesk during business hours if necessary.

Also the decoder chucks out a fair amount of heat, even if left on standby. So I think this might be one appliance which gets unplugged to save power when not in use for any significant period of time, even if it does take a while to sort itself out after being plugged in again.

I'm not sure I've achieved much today. I mean, I've been doing things and I feel I should stop, but there seems precious little to show for it.
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The newly posted date for the Perversion Party clashes with my sister's engagement party up North. I knew there'd be something....

Lets see - it's about a 3 hour trip, engagement party starts about 3:30 - if dinner is early enough I could drive back to Chch instead of staying the night there.


Just received a phone call from Telstra Clear in response to my complaint about the movies - apparently it's an unresolved issue with the analogue decoders which results in blocking even at times like 3am in the morning - but in response to my complaint they're prepared to waive the $99 upgrade fee to move me to a digital decoder with parental lock rather than an indiscriminant block (and the package reportedly only costs $2/month extra and has more channels).

And they've upgraded my toll plan to a better one because that was out of date as well.

So Telstra Clear customer service: +1 this time.
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Edit: See for the outcome of my complaint
Please, use the complaints form

And here's a link to the relevant Broadcasting Standards Authority page noting that the watershed time for adult content on paid tv is 8pm in New Zealand

... once again had a movie he wanted to watch - and is paying for, fuck it! - blocked at 8:30pm.
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Today I:
Went for a walk to get groceries
Sprayed the roses
Emptied the litterbox
Phoned K for a chat and catch up
Cleaned the shower etc
Hopefully solved my mother's issue with hotmail, and showed her how to compose replies in notepad, because they're on rural dial up and there are ... connection issues.
Mentally cursed my sister for teaching my mother to use IE (and hotmail) when there is a perfectly good installation of firefox on the laptop.
Sat in on a very positive SAGA committee meeting, but failed to keep as quiet as I had planned.
- was indirectly complimented - it's not very often I'm legitimately "too old" for something :D . It was also a very good point.
Got some more groceries. The supermarket silly season hath started.
Bundled a bunch of information together and emailed it.
Watched an episode of what I guess is NZs current answer to Antiques Roadshow. Followed by an episode of the real thing. Followed by what was left of The Incredibles, which showed the difference in quality between Telstra Cable and Freeview nicely.

Significant amounts of the day were thus not spent blankly in front of the computer, which was good for me. For the moment I feel much happier.

Thinking about tomorrow though I think I'm feeling what [ profile] ivoriephoenix has described as "the pre-monday fear". I can identify points why, and they're nuts - anyway there's nothing to do but deal with it for the moment.

Courtesy of yesterday I'm still one major point on the to-do list behind, but the deadline for that isn't until Tuesday evening so as long as I have both tomorrow and Tuesday afternoons (one may be enough) I'll be fine.


Sep. 10th, 2008 01:08 pm
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So, TV3 is bringing back the telethon.

Short version: 20-21 June 2009, aim to raise $2mil for KidsCan.

I never really saw the original Telethons - I remember collection events being held in the boarding house when I was in early secondary-school - but there are some youtube clips here

A largely cynical part of my nature is screaming 'media stunt', but there's also a part of my brain sparking away like crazy with the idea of organising or co-ordinating a game-athon for the event.
[Poll #1256858]

Gotta get this stuff outta my head )


Sep. 9th, 2008 08:50 am
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Cheerfully headed for bed after watching Colour of Magic last night (and looking forward to part 2 next week).

Discovered the cat had vomited on the duvet at some point during the day. Kind of ruined my mood.
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Finally managed to get the Freeview installed this morning. Can now see what my TV is really capable of :D Unfortunately it take a little while to think about switching between AV and I can't make them PAP each other so it's not easy to make a direct comparison, but the standard channels do look a lot better & the HD preview channel does look nice :)

I've gone UHF so as to get the really good stuff - it's a pity some of the channels are satellite only. Also shelled out for a high end box - multiple hdma outputs, a currently unused ethernet port, usb... displays photos and plays mp3s as well, which I may experiment with tonight. Coming soon - plug in a portable hard-drive and presto, PVR.

A little expensive for something with 'Free' in the name, but hey :D

In other TV related news I'll be watching The Colour of Magic on Prime (so not ad -free unfortunately :( ) on Monday if anyone would like to join me :)
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Not a lot at all going on recently.

Today I did a little more gardening and some plotting and scheming for Guido's Treasure, around playing more Neverwinter nights. Everyone better be available next Sunday - we've missed three weeks now.

Watched some TV - The Human Body was covering puberty. I think I may have taken an unusual and possibly prolonged course through it. Possibly I haven't finished yet, that would explain a few things :D

Nah, life never stops the process of change.

Caught (most of) an episode of the American Antiques Roadshow - didn't grab me quite the same way the UK version does. The presentation seemed a lot less ... organic. More sterile and set up. Still interesting though.

Managed to grab the cat from the hallway and position him over the dirtbox before he threw up, and then moments later grab him from behind the couch and put him outside before he crapped inside. I know he's been pissing behind there, and under the table in the kitchen, but I can never catch him in the act and I can't come up with any other way to discourage him.

I'd like to think I could go to bed now and be asleep before midnight, but it just ain't happening :( More Neverwinter perhaps.
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It's not often I have the opportunity just to sit in front of the TV for the evening. To be fair, it's equally rare that there are sufficient interesting programs to keep me there.

A Touch of Frost I'm a sucker for a good UK murder mystery, ever since the days when "Taggart" was a weekly fixture. They seem to be able to come up with plots and characters which are simultaneously more complicated yet simpler and more believable than the US attempts.

The Bill I haven't watched an episode of this in years. I'm glad to see that it retain everything which made it a quality brit drama while managing to update with the times.

Human Body - Pregnancy [edited after determining that the program I was watching was not what the onscreen guide said it was]
Appears to be the first in a documentary series chronicling the development of the human body. Next week ages 1-4. But I'll be at gaming. Steered clearly through the potential minefields. Kudo's for presenting firmly the unlikelyhood of any given conception coming to term.
OK, I'm a sucker for a good documentary as well.

Gentlemen's Relish UK comedy-drama, or possibly drama-comedy. Billy Conolly in a leading role. Entertaining, what I saw of it.

Cybertech P.D. Actually a pretty good low-level Cyberpunk film. The tech is subtle but ubiquitous. Really rich guys and corps have really shiny stuff. The middle class have voice activated systems in their houses and videophones. There's the usual seedy, drug addicted underground.
Obviously meant to be a simple action flick and doesn't do a bad job of it. Looks a bit like the pilot for a TV show that never got off the ground. Made in 1995 but has only really aged in some of the dates used (set in 2008 with background set in 2002).
There is an interesting look at one of the possible legal issues surrounding the first clones.

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