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This is something I wrote to someone who is finding everything too much at the moment. I have been asked to make it more widely available - if you feel it would help someone please feel free to share it. If that is the post, please use the Dreamwidth version. Link at bottom if you are reading this on LiveJournal.

I don't know you very well, we've maybe spoken a couple of times at parties and other than that only what I see on FB. But I'd like to share something I've learnt in times like these - we're /taught/ that it's a bad thing to be a "burden" but that's a lie. People will happily carry something (or someone) they see value in. Additionally the context always seems to consider the weight as if it all has to be borne by /one/ person. This is also false.

Sometimes we just have to accept little bits of ourselves being carried by different people as, when and how they can. And life is a complicated beast so sometimes individual people have to set down the responsibility or they (and we) have to let it pass to a different person.

And yes sometimes it feels that we are the only one left to carry our own weight with no hope of respite, and that can be a terrible, crushing, soul destroying feeling. But it is never, ever true. Sometimes we do drop pieces of ourselves along the trail, or cannibalise our ability to care about something to make it through another day. There is always hope. There is always another day. Someone will smile at us, even a stranger in the street, or comment on something we post and the weight will lift a little.

We all become a burden at some point in our lives. I believe it is just part of the human learning experience. When we come out the other side - granted not all do and every one of those is a loss worth grieving - we are better prepared and equipped to carry not only ourselves forward but others as well, strength permitting.

The comments on this post show you have a lot of people who see value in you, even if you don't, can't believe it right now. I certainly do even if all I have to offer are my words. They are willing to lift and carry you for a while. Trust them. Lie back and ride the crowd. Rest. Be well.

As a bonus here is a something else hopefully uplifting another of my friends shared.

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Environment Canterbury is currently seeking submissions on their Long Term Plan for 2015 - 2025. Locals may have found a print version in their mailbox over the past week or two. You can download the document and make submissions online at the Ecan Website

This is my first time being motivated enough to make such a submission. It may be a little wordy but I felt it important to convey a little of my personal perspective and background rather than a relatively context-less set of bullet points (which I couldn't have arrive at without writing all this out anyway).

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Because I'm probably going to want to look these up again
- Chris with some dollar and per head figures for the value of MPs
[link]In 1975 the average weekly wage was $95 per week (equivalent to around $850 per week in 2012). This rose to $157 per week by 1979

> Next stop, comparisons to the median wage where data is available.

1978 MP salary $18,000 divided by average hourly wage (1979)$4.52= 3982.3 hrs
1979 MPs= 92 population=3137800 rep 34106
2012 MP salary $141800 divided by average hourly wage(2012)$26.92= 5267.5 hrs
2012 MPs=121 population=4561000 rep 37694

So roughly and all perks aside, an MP’s value is now 1285.2 average working hours (32 weeks) more (24%), The average* number of New Zealanders represented by each MP being roughly 10% higher

I/S provides a definition for "strapping the chicken"
>>** strapping the chicken.**

> Is that like spanking the monkey?

More like “stacking the deck”.

Its a piece of jargon from the US Star Wars program, where incredibly expensive but ineffective lasers were “tested” by shooting them at point-blank range at stationary targets, which had been painted black (to increase absorbtion) and tensioned to ensure they exploed messily at the slightest pinprick, and then declared “effective”. This was compared to strapping a chicken to a table, shooting it at point-blank range with a shotgun, and concluding “shotguns kill chickens”. The “result” is really an artefact of the artificaly simple test, rather than anything real.
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I am attempting to top up my T-Stick using your online service. It says quite clearly at "Top up your XT Prepaid Mobile or T-Stick online" (with fuel-gauge graphic adjacent) and "Top Up Now" on the button below

Clicking the button takes me to a page where i can enter my credit card details - so far so good. However completing this page does not allow me to top up my T-Stick online. Instead the instructions tell me to call my mobile phone and follow the top-up procedure using the displayed voucher number.

Of course this will add the credit to my mobile phone, not to the T-Stick! The specific wording of the instructions implies that there is an option for selecting a different phone number somewhere in the menus but I have been unable to find it. Instead I had to press "3" for PROBLEMS (which is almost funny) and your help-desk was able to apply the voucher number - and tell me this was the -usual- process for "topping up online".

However 3 escalations later they were still -unable- to tell me
a) why the website - and their scripts - insist that it is possible to "Top Up Online" when it is not.
b) who was responsible for this situation
c) who is going to be responsible for fixing this situation

And by fixing this situation I do not mean changing the website to make it explicit that you can not in fact top up online. I mean actually adding the functionality that will let me and all your other T-Stick and similar users add credit to our devices directly from your website. We should not have to have access to a -phone- to top up our -mobile internet-. We should not have to -spend time waiting on the phone- until we reach the front of the queue for your call center!

(For all I know the functionality is already there, and just the links are wrong. How easy would that be to fix?)

Yes there are other mobile internet providers in NZ. I reluctantly chose Telecom because on the rare occasions I need mobile broadband you have the best coverage. I'm sorry the rest of your support structure does not match up.

Quite appropriately, the stereo is playing the following from the CrüxShadows right now
once we have a promise
twice we have a curse
three times is impossible
and four times even worse
once we have an accident
twice we have a fault
three times is delinquent
and four times is the fall
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Turning over the Highlander Conundrum
Potential campaign blurb
In the end there could be only one, and that one was MacLeod. But part of the Prize was mortality, and nature abhors a vacumn. Now new immortals are rising and banding together for protection - in the modern world powerful organisations hunting for the secret of immortality are the greatest threat to your Quickening.

Mechanical notes

The immortality thing is actually a bonus for a campaign containing violence - damage slows an immortal down and massive damage renders them unconscious while they regenerate but it's written that you're never going to accidentally kill a PC.

The 'years of accumulated knowledge' is not a major issue in the above scenario because young immortals don't have centuries of experience, but is easily treated as a pool of plot-points which can be spent on
- 'Yeah, I know something about this / once beheaded someone who knew about this'
- or temporary bonuses to a skill/stat/roll.

These should recover in two ways
- slowly over time
- all at once and possibly increasing the pool during a Quickening

And the power level of the game can be set relatively easily by adjusting the cap and recharge rate.

There would have to be a duelling sub-system encouraging burning off points in anticipation of the Quickening or death, because it wouldn't be Highlander without an occasional epic sword fight with bad-guy immortals.


Apr. 20th, 2008 06:39 pm
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The prime material - not so much neutral territory as a neutral battlefield.
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Actually I've been working on this post in my head for a good couple of weeks.

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Working on the assumption that if I want to keep gaming on Sundays / outside SAGA times I'm going to have to start up another campaign after Guido's Treasure concludes....


Some time in the future humanity has discovered an alternate dimension mapping onto our own but where time/distance has a different relationship, and used this to begin the process of colonising our galaxy. Several colonies and routes are well established before the natives of this new dimension discover our shipping routes, and they're not happy with the incursion. Or maybe they're just hungry....

D-Space. Here be Dragons.

Concept visuals (wish I could draw)
- A dragon clings to the front of a battle-cruiser only 4x it's size, one-man fighters swarming around it like so many oversize gnats.
- dogfight - smaller dragons matching size with one/two-man fighters.
- on some sort of asteroid a lone human in an environment suit fires a hand-held energy weapon at one of the smaller dragons which is rearing up in front of (him) - the dragon doesn't seem particularly bothered by the impact.

Genre: Science Fantasy
System: Probably BESM.

Perdon - The Heirs

The Empire of Perdon is fracturing. The deceased Emporer's only daughter is but a child and the authority of the black robed wizard holding the Regency only holds as far as the hinterland of the Capital. While nobles from across the Empire formally manuoevere for position at court based on historical ties to the Imperial family, privately armies are being raised and the descendants of subjugated nations are incited to rise up under banners both old and new. What's a loyal spymaster (mistress) to do?

Sequel to my previous Perdon campaign, wound on about 10 years

Genre: Fantasy
System: HERO (4th+) or Arcana Unearthed

To the End of Time

(Recent idea for a conflict on the Law vs Chaos axis.)

The Unraveller manifests to marshal the armies of Chaos, attempting to tilt the balance far enough that he can undo the very flow of Time itself. Facing the threat of absolute destruction nations put aside their differences to assemble beneath a banner of Law. Uncomfortable allies find themselves on a quest to preserve the foundations of history.

Genre: Fantasy
System: D&D3.5, probably starting around Level 5.

Other options

I'd be happy to revisit the Broken Kingdoms or Gemini (perhaps the New Detroit/Cyberpunk idea I was toying with, although I think I'll change systems for the next Gemini game).

There are some modifications (mutilations) to D&D3 I've been turning over - build-your-own class, crits do CON damage being two that come to mind. There's a lot of work to be done there, but I could throw something together, start small and see where the game goes.

Of course, what I'd really like is to play in something while I prep one of these :D Although it looks like there might be an old-school D&D game on the horizon for the uni break while Neverwinter is on hiatus [shivers with excitement].
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Yoinked from [ profile] nishatalitha's journal into mine because I have no idea where my archived text file of this is. I first encountered it many long years ago, possibly on FIDOnet.

([ profile] niennahirilfia you are absolutely not allowed to click on this cut until all your uni stuff is done).

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