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Reading back over my LJ and FB it looks like I started the year in much the same place emotionally as I am right now, there were quite a lot of individual good days in the company of friends but also some pretty bad patches - May, July, October through now ... I may have made some progress on identifying some of the puzzle pieces ...

My regular Sunday and Monday games were regular high points, other gaming was mixed. Recorded some good games; know I didn't bother griping about many not-so-good ones.

My muse turned on a few times, mostly in February and March but there are a few other substantial opinion posts througout the year.

I'm confident that I made a positive difference in the lives of a number of people over the year; less confident that I didn't impact negatively on anyone.

Politically the world seemed to continue to go to shit, both in NZ and overseas.

Notable events:

February: substantial aftershock just a few days short of the 5th anniversary of the 2011 quake brought everything flooding back for a lot of people.

April: Family reunion in the high country, returned to find an acquaintance had passed to cancer.

June: Buckets of Dice (mixed)
: combined having to get the drains replaced due earthquake damage with getting some substantial garden alterations done above ground, a very expensive month which nevertheless crossed two major projects off the list.

August: Hosted the KAOS 48 Hour Party despite being plagued myself during the weekend.

September: started a new drug/supplement, which didn't seem to help. Discontinued at the end of the 3-month course (wasn't subsidised)

November: SAGA's 48 hour charity event
: "Kaikoura" earthquakes (ongoing)

This year I didn't spend anything on my family for Xmas and instead focused on friends and other acquaintances whom I knew needed some nice things in their lives.

Had the family lunch not been at my relatively close parents I would not have attended that for the first time ever; this was something I was doing for myself as I did not feel up to the effectively full day of travel otherwise would have entailed. I did then end up appearing (and eating) at 3 different socials among friends in Christchurch and was quite exhausted by the end of the day but overall it felt lower-key.

I do appear to have completely exhausted myself physically* (gardening/housework) and mostly exhausted myself emotionally so I am hoping for a good KAOS New Years party tomorrow night to pick me up. Historically this is against the odds.

* My stamina seems to have plummeted over the year. I went to the Dr concerned a few weeks ago and he sent me off for a raft of blood tests, which I haven't heard back from yet.
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This year I hosted the 48 [crosses off non-existent bucket list]. Much has been made of this but for me it was a relatively straightforward matter snip )
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After work on Friday I firmly set aside all work worries and as many others as I could for the next 3 days the better to enjoy (and recover from) the 48 Hour party.

Unfortunately the main effect of that seemed to be the creation of a void which was quickly filled by older angst bubbling back to the surface again.
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This post has been me trying to set aside all the old crap again so I can maybe sleep and then focus on work tomorrow.
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Friday night

Saturday through Sunday at the venue

Operation Moderately Hung Over (Saturday afternoon)
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Party, breakfast, battle, party, hanging out
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Featuring Two nights of party - Operation Uvula (battle) - Pub Quiz
At the Zen Room. Thanks to Phil and Simeon for photos

At the Zen Room and Environs
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48 hour party at the Resort

Note the battle happened on Sunday this year.

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Currently uploading photos from the 48. It's going slowly, much slower than usual even for the amount of photos.

The weekend was ... interesting, also painful. My legs will eventually forgive me.

Friday was relatively normal. There was something like a 10-song straight run that I danced to, thanks [ profile] jwm. It didn't quite go as far as putting me on a high, but it was good. Also did something to my knee that had me going for the anti-inflams the next morning.

Got home about 3 after playing taxi, which meant I had a little less than 1.5 hours sleep when the earthquake hit. Spent the next hour online spamming updates from twitter to FaceBook and calming down, before returning to bed and failing to get a couple of hours sleep. Eventually gave up and got up, because there was a list of things I needed to do.

Headed over to the party, discovered no-one with organisational responsibility around and made a decision to try and make sure at least the battle happened. Thus returning home and spamming my availability to transport across several channels.

Diverted to bring [ profile] codym who was without power over to my place, picked up [ profile] slothphil at the same time. By the time we got back to the Resort it had power and i was able to connect to their wireless network and monitor events. The battle was postphoned as it turned out and eventually most of us at the party decamped for home and desperately needed sleep. I think I got a solid 2-3 hours, enough to keep going.

Saturday evening did a transport run to get [ profile] codym home and collect a full carload of partygoers. The party was understandably quieter, but still reached critical mass (again, much dancing). I'm very grateful that [ profile] wootduosmaster was also doing the taxi thing as I only wound up with one carload when I decided I really needed to be getting home. I admit I wasn't really on the ball with picking up on when other people were ready to leave.

I think I managed about 6 hours sleep before aftershocks started to wake me. For something to do I got up and labelled the first two batches of photos, which is the only reason they're ready to upload now. Come afternoon I collected [ profile] slothphil again and we arrived to flatmates having breakfast (& thanks again for the pancake Mike). Eventually battlers turned up and we relocated to the park.

The battle was fairly small - 6 a side plus onlookers - but both teams entered into it with complete enthusiasm. The photos will speak for themselves. Eventually the cultists realised that the stars were wrong - because the battle had been meant to be the previous day - but nevertheless they had successfully disrupted cocktail hour.

We wrapped up with board games, which despite nearly losing critical mass and enthusiasm about 5pm managed to recover with a late arrival and continue until after 8pm - the 48 hour mark.

It was a great weekend and thanks to all involved in running and attending the event/s.

The defining point of the weekend was actually making the decision to push for people to continue attending the party. At that point I changed gears from reactive to active, from "don't get in the way" mode to "organiser" mode, from socially passive (a state I inflict on myself much of the time for various reasons) to socially dominant (a state I'm -much happier- in, but which tends to ... cause more issues than it is worth).

This distinctly altered -how- I interacted with certain people throughout the Saturday evening, although the differences may have been only noticeable to me, and having some of the the safeties off certainly let me enjoy the party more.

I want to hang onto that.
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Warning for the bandwidth challenged - there are over 300 photos in this set which includes pictures from [ profile] slothphil to pad out events/people I missed. If you'd like to peruse/raid the complete set (750-odd images) drop me a line (or wait until I've given copies of mine to [ profile] slothphil)

I've included shortcuts to each significant break (note thumbnails are representative of events, not link targets).

Friday Night

The Battle

Saturday Night


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2002 January - August

2002 48 hour party including KAOS 21st anniversary dinner and Operation Jellie


ebide ebidie ebidie - that's history folks! At least until (if) I find the CD that had anything earlier on it.
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They all fitted into one gallery this year
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OK, Saturday was a good day. The afternoon was quiet but companionable (the battle was called off due to snow) with nonnom soup and muffins and milo, What I was present for of the quiz was entertaining and the playlist started (in good time) chock full of dance-my-lungs-out goodness.

Outside of dancing the evening was still rather 'float around and not interact' but I wasn't really caring. Made a couple of taxi runs over the eveing, piking exhausted shortly after one but probably not getting to be until two.

This morning started off with a chain of annoyances - not getting out of bed until after 11, the computer acting up, the cat doing a big greasy smelly crap in the corner of the bedroom, but when I reached the party venue I was greeted by a cheerful group of cleaner-uppers and shortly thereafter there was delicious sausagy things and scrambled eggs and bacon and hash browns ... of which I may have overconsumed slightly but there was still leftovers.

Accumulated photos from /distributed photos to various people over the day. [ profile] slothphil had some of his collection with him on DVDs - about 6 - which I snaffled. My poor laptop currently has only 4G of space spare (and I deleted a lot of stuff off it while copying to make space) but files are moving to the external as I type (2 hours remaining....). At a later date I'll sort through them and trim out the sections which are of no interest to me - like most of the SCAdian events :-/

Watched some of Spaceballs around delivering [ profile] trashpants to her bus. It wasn;t as bad as I remembered - I think I may have been confusing it with another Star Wars rip off. A so-bad-it's good vampire movie from the late 60s(?). Reluctantly decided to leave rather than stay for Soylent Green - I need to get an early night. Still have my usual 8:15am chiro appointment and work tomorrow, although intend to make it a short day (cross fingers).

Upon leaving discovered than my grumpy mood of the morning had only been diverted by the pleasant company. I have a very low tolerance for anything not working as it should (computer) or being pointlessly annoying (cat) right now.

I suspect I'm quite dehydrated.
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Christchurch 48 hour party

Dunedin 48 hour party

x-posted kaosians, my journal

I was also supposed to have time to come up with new and interesting ways to not kill the PCs in Guido's Treasure tomorrow. Oh well, maybe there's an easier way.

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Wasn't as tired this trip back as last time, funnily enough.

A sunny trip south on Friday (the weather was glorious all weekend in fact). Mild traffic, got away from the worst after Timaru. Arrived in Dunedin, deposited passengers, checked into motel, acquired dinner partied.

Turnout was a little low, but the dancefloor kept happening. My leg held up well and [ profile] trashpants didn't actually have to dance for me at any stage.

Piked about 12-30, 1am.

Breakfasted, met up with [ profile] salahdra for a while, turned up to photograph killing round. My leg was starting to complain so after a short while I refrained from actively following the participants.

Settled in at the House of Cards for the rest of the afternoon to burn & distribute CDs of photos from the Deviance & Decadence and Chch 48. Observed board games.

Freshened up, had dinner, stuck my shiny bits to Jade.

Partied some more. Still managed to dance despite increasing protestations from leg. Piked around midnight with a taxi run. Didn't get to sleep until much later due to some LOUD drunken idiots playing rugby in George St just along from the motel (my unit was streetside).

Did I mention that my unit was laid out very like a dungeon? All it was missing was an orc and a treasure chest. [/geek]

Helped tidy and move furniture. Played a couple of games of Settlers (won the second convincingly :) ). Burnt off a CD with the public distribution fo the weekend's photos ([ profile] xenogram currently has custody of all above mentioned CDs). Acquired an extra passenger and headed northwards about 3:30pm. Traffic was light.

Prius ticked over 50,000 kms just north of Ashburton.

Delivered passengers, arrived home, fed cat, caught up on email and LJ (of which there was less than expected).

I plan to upload photos from both 48s next weekend, individual mailouts will probably happen before then :)

Something else was planned to go here, but I forgot.

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