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3 days of gaming
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Reading back over the past few years entries I notice a clear pattern of going in already exhausted and not getting nearly as much gaming done as I would like. This year was no exception; various issues at work have triggered emotional breakpoints and seen me push myself harder than is safe. To boot a head cold which has been threatening for the past fortnight arrived with a vengeance, leading to me wearing a flu mask Sunday and Monday; arguably I should also have done so Saturday or even not attended at all. However I had a friend down from Wellington staying with me and commensurate responsibilities to make sure she was able to be there.

Despite my efforts to keep the Hall calendar clear it had two entries; the Saturday morning one was a no-show and the Monday afternoon one arrived an hour late and then was un-prepared and spent half-an-hour doing make-up. I was able to leave them shooting with someone else on site but both instances meant time spent waiting around in cold wet weather when I could have been gaming. An alarm call out just after midnight on Saturday morning did not help matters.

My brain is blanking on some of the games I played and when
- Saturday had at least four games, starting with Betrayal at the House on the Hill which I had to abandon to get to the Hall, but apparently the Haunt won two rounds later (although we'd seemed to be in a good position), late afternoon was Kingsburgh, later in the evening a quick 2-player learning game of Fairy(Faery?)Tale and then ? . I was also able to purchase enough card sleeves of appropriate size from the Comics Compulsion table to kill time sleeving my copy of DC Heroes.
- Sunday I had two long, 3-player games of DC Heroes Crisis with different people where we lost at the very end, the first time to the final crisis and the second time by the stack running out when we had only to defeat the final super-villain two more times. I must have played Roll for the Galaxy because we discovered one of the cups missing. Jamaica because I noticed one of our often-indecisive players was quite quick at it.
- Monday had Castles of the Mad King Ludwig (which someone kindly stepped out of to let me play when I arrived as it was being set up) followed by Egizia. After getting back from the Hall I managed a game of DC Heroes before helping a little with pack up.

Today I called into work sick and have spent it napping / doing chores around the house / a delivery/groceries run / coughing a lung out. I would have liked to go along to Saga tonight for a couple more games but by about 4pm I had to admit to myself that wasn't going to happen.

Three times during the past few days I have teetered on the brink of emotional collapse. One was Saturday morning trying to get out of the house on time after oversleeping, and that was pure exhaustion.

The second was when I wandered upstairs on Sunday night to try and take some discrete photos of the LARPs in progress (trying to keep myself occupied and stable between running out of gaming options myself and my guest finishing up) to be shooed off. The shooing off wasn't entirely unexpected but the way it made me feel was. The third was being called out on possibly having taken photos including someone without permission - I haven't actually looked at the photos yet but yeah likely. I was sick, tired and probably sloppy with my judgement/recall/asking.

I'm still trying to figure out the reason the last two hit me so hard; I can't tell right now whether I'm feeling hurt by the criticism, upset with myself for not being more careful / not holding myself to high enough standards, or because I caused upset to someone I care about. In any case all there is to be done is apologise and attempt to not repeat the mistake.

Probably also time to book another psych appointment.
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This year was very mixed for me. I think I probably broke-even with Saturday compensating for the disappointments of both Saturday and Monday, but it is currently the end of Monday and I am exhausted and grumpy.
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This Queens Birthday was a much needed break from work but not particularly rejuvenating. On the one hand it was Buckets of Dice weekend and I had carefully avoided putting my name forward to run anything supposing (correctly) that I would be pretty wiped out after a month with two programmers away from work and would have had no time to prepare. This theoretically left me free to apply my (minimal, as those I gamed with on Saturday can attest) brainpower to board gaming. Saturday in particular was expected to be free of Hall-related interruptions. It was not to be.

I'm not going to type out the whole saga but multiple of my Saturday games (which, as mentioned, I had precious little brain and spoons for) were interrupted by phone calls and txts related to people randomly deciding they would turn up to the Hall /then/ contact us and see if they could be let in to take photos. There was a flow-on effect to this which meant it also happened again today (Monday) causing me to be able to play one fewer game than I would have otherwise. Some damage overnight on Saturday also caused me to stay behind after a (booked) tour Sunday afternoon which may have caused me to miss someone who stopped by BoD specifically to see me :( (But who left chocolates and literal spoons in my mailbox today anyway <3 ). And again today a short-notice (but at least made last week) request for access to the Hall to retake some photos for a project saw me sacrifice a games worth of time in the morning.

The games which all this was interspersed with were nevertheless good and I even won several of them. I was introduced to ... four? new games one of which I had considered purchasing from the sale table just for the art on the box and another which had it been on the Games Depository stall I probably would have bought / will buy next time I am deliberately spending money on such things. I only once found myself in a game with someone I really prefer not to play with if possible and many times in games with people I preferentially play with.

I did not even try to take photos this year, not even of the usual excellent LARP costumes (and there were two flagship LARPs this year to boot). I just did not feel the effort was worth it.

I have marginally improved brain/spoons over each day but I'm still not looking forward to the rest of this week. For tonight: the next thing I am doing is making for a really early bedtime.
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Buckets of dice went really well, one of if not the best ever, huge kudos to the team. My own weekend wasn't so hot though; although Saturday at BoD went very well (ran Pacific Rim and it went off almost perfectly, excellent players; then won both the the board games I played in the afternoon) thing started going downhill in the evening after I developed a stomach upset possibly from dancing too vigorously on a still-full stomach at the party I attended that evening.

Although I did also get some cuddle-time at the party which was nice.

I came home and went to bed relatively early only to be woken by a Hall alarm shortly before 1am. The ensuing activity upset mu stomach again and it was closer to four by the time I finally got back to sleep.

So I started Sunday short on sleep; fortunately my game didn't have enough players (I had been advised Saturday night) so I didn't have to stress about being at BoD early. Instead I managed to get there just after several long board games had started and didn't actually manage to get into any games until mid-afternoon, most of which I spent becoming incrementally more bored and frustrated. I thought about setting up my laptop and writing drafts fr some of my backlog of journal posts, but couldn't summon the spoons.

The game I eventually got into while not a bad game and one I would happily play again dragged on due to 3 of us never having played it before; and ended up being the only game I played all day. After dinner and prizegiving (where I didn't receive any prizes but was given a bottle of wine) I turned down the opportunity to play another game I was unfamiliar with and might or might not have enjoyed in favour of just coming home, lighting the fire and going to bed early.

Monday (today) began with discovering damage to the Hall which resulted in getting to BoD an hour later I had planned, to much the same initial result as Sunday. I did manage to play 3 games in the afternoon, although the last two weren't particularly exciting and the last one, usually fast, was crippled by one player who took forever considering his turns. I also spent more money than I really meant to on buying new games - games which I enjoy and are popular but will mostly sit at home for when I host games days.

Add to this more Hall drama which soaked up any remaining spoons I had from the day and the overall weekend was pretty crap.
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I've already written about Saturday, wherein I stayed up all night previous, ran my game, played a boardgame or two then went home and crashed thus missing the rest of the afternoon session and the evening session / Grand Strategy.

I didn't get in until about lunchtime on Sunday, but played board games through the evening and was present to photograph the LARP. Well most of it. Most annoyingly dinner and my digestive tract had an argument just after the nearly-end-of-game climaxes started happening so I missed some of that :( still there were only 20-something players and I think I have plenty of photos of most of them from the night. I will hopefully find a spare hour to process and post the photos later in the week.

Delivered people various places afterwards, got home about 1am and bed sometime later. Again did not make it back in until about lunchtime on Monday thus missing the first few hours, and spent more of Monday than I would have like standing around waiting for players to cycle and games to start. Did have a good game of Castles of Burgundy and finished the weekend with Race for the Galaxy. Can't remember particularly what I played when over the weekend - at least more Race, Seven Wonders, Dominion, Biblios, maybe Ticket to Ride, it's all a bit hazy.

So I didn't get much out of BoD this year other than a frustrated wish that someone (else) would run an Arcana Unearthed game so that I could play one of the nifty characters I made up for the scenario I ran and some stray thoughts about how the availability of shapechanging magic and egg-laying sentients might affect the perception of gender roles in a fantasy world, which again will make their way into a post when I find time. (I wrote a note on the wall to remind me to do so.)
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BoD 2012
Out of bounds
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So, Buckets of Dice weekend. I preface this post with having had approx 5 1/2 hours broken sleep for each of the last 5 nights. Only the late nights were due to BoD, the broken part was due to (false) alarms at AH.
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LARP: Las Cruces: Sin and Redemption on the Edge of Civilisation
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