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Back to my current favourite source of advice on procrastination
The procrastinator is in the bad habit, bordering on addiction, of letting the monkey win. He continues to have the intention to control the monkey, but he puts forth a hapless effort, using the same proven-not-to-work methods he’s used for years, and deep down, he knows the monkey will win. He vows to change, but the patterns just stay the same. So why would an otherwise capable person put forth such a lame and futile effort again and again?
The answer is that he has incredibly low confidence when it comes to this part of his life, allowing himself to become enslaved by a self-defeating, self-fulfilling prophecy. Let’s call this self-fulfilling prophecy his Storyline. The procrastinator’s Storyline goes something like this:
For the Have-To-Dos in my life, I’ll end up waiting until the last minute, panicking, and then either doing less than my best work or shutting down and not doing anything at all. For the Want-To-Dos in my life, let’s be honest—I’ll either start one and quit or more likely, I just won’t ever get around to it.
The procrastinator’s problems run deep, and it takes something more than “being more self-disciplined” or “changing his bad habits” for him to change his ways — the root of the problem is embedded in his Storyline, and his Storyline is what must change.
And the takeaway - good advice for anything you want to achieve in life...
3) Aim for slow, steady progress—Storylines are rewritten one page at a time.
In the same way a great achievement happens unglorious brick by unglorious brick, a deeply-engrained habit like procrastination doesn’t change all at once, it changes one modest improvement at a time. ... The author who writes one page a day has written a book after a year. The procrastinator who gets slightly better every week is a totally changed person a year later.
So don’t think about going from A to Z — just start with A to B. Change the Storyline from “I procrastinate on every hard task I do” to “Once a week, I do a hard task without procrastinating.” If you can do that, you’ve started a trend. I’m still a wretched procrastinator, but I’m definitely better than I was last year, so I feel hopeful about the future.

This storyline concept has shown up in a number of other articles I have read and also in my counselling sessions. Here are some of my most pernicious - by externalising them here I intend to given them substance whereby I can challenge them going forward.
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Dropped into CPI to pick up the certificate etc I would have received if I had been attending my 'Graduation' last Friday instead of being in Dunedin. There was a bit more than I expected. I'm doubly glad I skipped the ceremony.

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Other than that today I bailed from work as soon as everything urgent was cleared up to go and be sick at the LCR denizens, where I may finally have learned to play poker (for certain values of play).
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The invitation to my CPI graduation ceremony arrived today.

Over a year after I actually finished. Over a year after I -could- have graduated if not for that accursed GDP project.

Screw them.
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So today I a) completed the last outstanding Communication Skills workshop and b) received my mark for GDP.

You know what this means?

I"m finished my course! Free!!!!!!!!!

Except for some miscellaneous graduation paperwork, which I'll likely get done tomorrow, and potential job placement.


Also - completely fried. It'll be a laid-back gaming session tonight I think.


Nov. 15th, 2006 10:07 pm
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Blogging from bed - not a first.

Blogging from bed via laptop and wireless - there goes another geek point.

Ducked into the Toyota showroom today to enquire about the current price on the Prius - it's insurance review time and once again they're trying to depreciate the value of my car despite the fact that I am insured to a fixed sum (ie the cost to replace with a new vehicle, since they're not on the 2nd hand market in significant numbers and I'm not trading down. I'm not intending to need that insurance either, but you never know).

Anyway, the cost has come down, only $38,300 now. Which I hope the insurance company will accept without quibbling.


Despite the mess which is the gdp project we're apparently still one of the best teams they've seen. Which only goes to show what a farce the thing must be in general. That they allow people to pass like this is beyond me.
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Went into CPI this morning because there was supposed to ba a folder full of documents for me to smooth into a coherent whole.

Nope. Precisely two of the team have submitted anything, and one of those is a repeat of what he did last time (which is fine, because he managed to cover off most of this stage's requirements last time). The other one is an overview of what the others should be providing detail on - useless by itself.

I am thisclose to walking away from the course altogether. I completed everything I went there to do months ago, and I am more and more resenting the extra time and stress spent on something which is of no benefit to me personally. Actually graduating from what has turned out to be a devolved second-rate institute doesn't hold any more value for me.

The only reason I didn't quit this morning is that I misremembered the deadline for this submission - it's actually Thursday, not tomorrow. That gives them another day to produce something.


Oct. 20th, 2006 12:03 am
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Sitting in the lab waiting while the GDP supervisor goes over my draft with what must be a fine-tooth comb (based on the glimpse I just got of where she is up to in the document).

If there are any big problems it's too late to fix them as none of the rest of the team will be in today and I can't afford to spend the time. I've already written the bulk of the report from insubstantial or even non-existant material supplied by the majority of team-members (some have done well for their parts, for which I am grateful).

I refuse to let other people's inadequacies stop me from completing and getting the **** away from this facade with my piece of paper, which I would have had weeks ago if not for this freaking group project which isn't teaching me anything that I came here to learn and is only reinforcing my opinion on most people's lack of commitment and clues. I could have completed this section myself in one week, not the three I've had to wait before ... completing most of it myself! 7 of them should have had no trouble, even with the plague/accident/rip curse.


Oct. 18th, 2006 09:45 pm
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Today has had a lot of GDP project and a little paying work.

I seem to be able to focus well in the morning and evening, but am useless in the afternoon. OTOH, some days it's the other way around.

For the record, last Sunday the Guido's Treasure players handily dealt with a variety of challenges in a variety of interesting, amusing and stylish ways during what was a relatively uneventful ocean voyage :D

A good day

Sep. 20th, 2006 04:40 pm
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I had two very productive meeting this morning - one with my 2iC for the GDP and one with another of the contractors working BOF. In the latter we ironed out each other's area of focus and I came away with a list of things that I can now get on with productively. Which kept me busy for a chunk of the afternoon.

And he thought I was 23-24 when he met me [snigger]. I'm not sure if I should take it as an ego boost or be offended :D

OTOH, Studylink has decided I owe them money. I'll be looking into that now.

Update: It seems that at the beginning of the year [ profile] zakzahn's rent was deemed by Studylink to be income. This despite most of the opinions I recieved from their staff being the opposite (I queried specifically and repeatedly if it counted or not). Thus when I declared my '$180' for last week, it took me over the limit. The amount they want back ($66) is not worth quibbling over given my current situation.
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Where did my time go? I could get used to this....

This morning I spent time doing work which I will actually get to charge for :) [Mental note, must check how much I can earn pw without running into trouble with the student allowance...]

Around lunchtime I was in at CPI dealing with GDP.

In the afternoon I visited [ profile] ananchel with the tablet to entertain her with photos from recent (and some not-so-recent) events.

Home to news of a visit from the neighbours which necessitated a reply, then a distress call from [ profile] doth which had me lying in a gutter, in the rain and dark, wiring (what is left of) the muffler to the underside of her little car. (The things I do). And shame on the kaosians who only seemed to find amusement in the situation as they walked past.

More poking at work and a call from my 'boss' seems to have eaten the rest of my evening, I still need to read the GDP manual I was given today, before the Stage 1 meeting tomorrow morning...
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The job interview I was originally going to have 3 weeks ago has been set for this afternoon. I feel the conditions of the position have changed a bit in the meantime. Still looking.

GDP is not off to a brilliant start.

Was quite social yesterday afternoon and evening, probably good for me.

I found something in this cartoon, I'm not sure quite what. (thanks [ profile] cthulhudream)

I'm entertained by it because of how I think the last line is meant to be interpreted, which is not how one might first interpret it. There's some other pretty good stuff in the webcomic too, and some plain weird.

AQUADEXTROUS (ak wa deks' trus) adj. Possessing the ability to turn the bathtub faucet on and off with your toes.
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Over the worst of the plague, although I'm not sure that there isn't a second assault to be mounted on the head and airways. Took today easy hoping to be alert for gaming tonight - had to give in and take a nap late afternoon but fortunately awoke clear-headed enough to almost crush the PCs with some mostly-random ogres and then tickle them a bit with some not-at-all random goblins.

Hope to be upright and coherent for the GDP meeting tomorrow morning.
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GDP meeting. Guess who was elected Team Leader? This makes me Management, - apparently this means I get to do less work than everyone else if I do it right - knowing me this means I might only do as much work as everyone else :-/

A good game Sat. afternoon - some glimmerings of potential from d. Spent much of the evening trying to get Flash to work on the tablet - the uninstaller worked fine..... Showed at the drinkies, caught up with a couple of people :)

A very busy day - got everything on my list for the day done and shouted myself KFC for dinner. Had a fairly relaxed session of Guido's treasure - mostly roleplay and non-combat stuff. The rock-throwing contest with the giant children was most entertaining. Pcs came out much better off than I expected (both in the contest and the session overall).

Spent most of the day at CPI looing at resources for the GDP and trying to figure out the optimal times to hold meetings. Will go back in later to chat to the evening student on the team.

Cat is being a fussy bastiche.
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The start of the GDP project (the last bit of my course) is this afternoon (announced Tuesday). Three weeks ago in different circumstances I was expecting to be travelling to Dunedin this afternoon - even last week something similar still seemed a possibility. There would have been a significant clash of interest.

I have been splitting firewood this morning.
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So, that's the employment prep workshops out of the way. Weren't as bad as expected - skipped the really horrendous stuff (telephone technique and interview roleplay). Doubtless I will have to face some of these in the one-on-one sessions.

Ran into someone from my old work in town. Got an info dump on what has been happening out there.

Gaming last night was interesting - that encounter should have only dented the party rather than steamrollering them to within an inch of their virtual lives.


Jul. 6th, 2006 12:37 pm
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I finished the bulk of my course. All that's left is workshops and the Group Development Project which,naturally, require other people to be at an appropriate stage to do them.

I have completed about "1000 hours" of work in under 500. With an A+ average (and no score below a B+).

[Poll #762848]

There are employment prep workshops next week - until then I'm 'taking a break'. Which translates into BoD this weekend and working on some of my non-career related projects. And maybe some general socialising, if I'm lucky.

Right now I'm sitting at the computer, next to the heater, with my jacket & woolly hat on thinking "It's cold!" And it as it must be about lunchtime, about making hot food :)
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I managed to strike up and hold a conversation with a stranger this morning from bus wait to her stop. Go me.

Power went out at the institute lab for over an hour this afternoon. I was nearly finished a mini-exam when it went - lost all that of course.

The career's consultant has put my name/CV forward for a postion this afternoon. Mixed feelings.
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It is a slushy and unpleasant looking day out there - happily my current module allows me to study at home :D

Introduction to Accounting - I'm having flashbacks to high-school Economics, and I'll never look at a bank statement the same way again.

Family - no news is good news - thanks to those who commented :)
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So much for putting off feline dental work until next year's annual checkup. Wallet say [ouch].

txt excerpt from my mother "Home phone out. Technician not available [until] 27 June".

Grr. "Employment preparation study" module. Hiss. Spit. Following most of the advice requires being the antithesis of myself.

This is what recruitment agencies are supposed to be for. I'm quite happy to pay someone else (who actually is good at/enjoys it) to do the legwork for me.
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This morning on my way through Hagley Park I stopped to help two groud staff push their truck out of a boggy patch.

This afternoon on my way through Hagley Park a small fluffy white dog darted under my front wheel and sent me sprawling.

I have two noticable grazes - one on my knee and one on my palm - and landing on my cell phone prevented another on my hip (going to need a new pouch for the phone though - can't read the keys through the window any more). I anticipate bruising, and possibly limited mobility for the next couple of days.

[edit: just noticed I ripped a chunk out of the toe of that shoe as well]

The dog came off worse, and is probably going to visit the vet for an x-ray.

Lest anyone say I never have anything good to say about course, the past few days have been quite interesting. Learning the basics of Fireworks and Flash, both applications I've been meaning to play with for years. Very practically involved modules, so the limiting factor is how fast I can do the exercises not how fast I can absorb theory. I learn better by 'doing' as well :D

Another noticable feature of the day is my appearance on the UCSA poster for Clubs Day II - in a photo taken of the SAGA table at Clubs Day I

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