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I took a couple of extra days this weekend to travel to Dunedin (Friday - Sunday) and recuperate/get the chores done (today).

The drive was a bit nerve-wracking in both directions - although I ought *not* have been tired I found myself at risk of nodding off / zoning out behind the wheel more times than I would have liked. And on the return trip the weather came in wet and *dark* between Ashburton and Chch which didn't help.

Dunedin itself was mostly good, turning on a beautiful day on Saturday much of which I spent traipsing around town / catching up with first [ profile] salahdra and then S. My legs did not thanks me for this on Saturday evening/Sunday.

Friday evening I dropped in on [ profile] avaiaal at work but it was quite busy so there wasn't time for more than a hug :( It was the first weekend back for the Uni - there were drunk students everywhere. I had just driven past one party which appeared to be being broken up by police.

Sunday I had lunch with [ profile] micheinnz before heading back north.

In between times I mostly spent at my excuse for the trip, the OURS minicon, either playing board games or, as my busy social calendar meant I kept getting there after people were all organised into games, watching/listening to people play games (somewhat bored). I should have taken my Russian homework and some other reading material to the con with me but I kept leaving that behind in my motel room :-/ Fortunately for me (and only me) the Saturday night LARP didn't reach critical mass.

Games I played over the weekend included Blood Bonds[?] which was OK but not something I'd like to play a lot, DC Heroes (mostly the new set), Biblios, Seven Wonders (with and without expansions) and briefly filling in in a game of Fiasco for a player who had to leave, during which I managed to get the character body-swapped with a very angry sentient tavern (instead of the enchanted crow the other characters thought I had been put in - there was a lot of it going around) effectively removing the character from the game by the time I also had to leave.

The weekend proper was completed by an invitation to dinner (which I was lacking the energy to produce myself) by [ profile] littlel who had over-catered for her evening with a very tasty spiced pork dish.

All very good, but not at all rejuvenating. I feel like I need a long weekend to get over my long weekend - and the week that went before it.

The hall also had several alarms and a few other things which I wound up co-ordinating by phone :(

#Prius round trip (filled tank to passing petrol station again) 735km 4.7L / 100km and that with the a/c on quite a bit.

Today I slept in longer than planned, and also took a longer-than planed nap in the afternoon evening, but I did also get a number of things achieved which I'm going to list here because hopefully in one place they will look more impressive than the things I planned to achieve but didn't :)

- made a number of information-seeking phone calls / sent emails
- caught up the accounts
- bought the reading list/inbox back under control
- logged on to work and dealt with some urgent stuff
- did laundry
- chopped firewood (acquired minor injury but all fingers accounted for)
- filled the green bin
- prepped for tomorrow nights game
- did Russian homework (some of the actual exercises not just the reviewing I have been doing).
- wrote journal post
- about to go an research something writing post has reminded me of.
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Actually things went pretty well. It was just the last day that went off the rails a little. It was however very non-stop and quite exhausting.

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

Prius stats )
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Marvel vs DC
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The trip down was grey and mostly uneventful. I did stop in at the Ashburton graveyard to track down and photograph the grandparentals headstone (paternals) and plaque (maternals). Otherwise the traffic was surprisingly light - whether because all the rugby fans travelled Friday or later Saturday I don't know.

- arrived safely,
- checked in to [ profile] cthulhu_dream and [ profile] satanicpushcart's where I was kindly being put up
- caught up with and farewelled [ profile] lenfant_de_jeu
- took a much-needed nap (remember I drove down on 5 hours sleep)
- chatted to [ profile] satanicpushcart and bumped into [ profile] _nonchalance_ and Slosh over Velvet Burger (I had a Babe and burnt my tongue on the juice)
- motored over to the party which never really got past a drinkies although a lively one. Bailed early at about 11:30 - turns out the reason for the discomfort I was feeling was that something I'd eaten was disagreeing with me, probably the fluffy pastry on the sausage rolls :(
- as a result managed another solid 5 hours sleep plus an incredibly pleasant and guilt-free lie-in / period of dozing.
- emerged to a brilliantly sunny day and an excellent brunch with [ profile] micheinnz, [ profile] salahdra and B. Unfortunately H was unable to join us, being out of town and not making it back until I was on the road north.

I really didn't feel like leaving, for those few hours today I was just really happy and relaxed. The trip back to Christchurch was both brighter (sunny) and lonelier than the trip down. Once I was firmly on the road again without distractions of course my brainmeats returned to slowly grinding over the things I have to deal with here over the next few days. Particularly another 3 LJ posts.

I do hope for another good nights sleep - although I was back early enough and awake enough that I could have asked to be back on the Antonio Hall alarms tonight I've chosen not to. If I am really needed for some reason I'm sure M will call me. And after catching up with stuff online, and a shower, and dinner ... I haz a tired.

Prius stats - Return trip 4.7 L/100km over the 357 km from the forecourt of the petrol station where I usually fill up for the return trip, directly to my garage with no detours for passengers or any other reason. Was only 4.9 L/100km when I checked in Timaru, so doing better than that over the plains.

There was a queue at the petrol station and heavyish traffic north - mostly travelling at a steady pace and quite polite.

I have returned home to one fewer flatmates and two fewer cats as [ profile] flufmeister's time as an EQC/Fletchers refugee has ended and they have returned to their repaired flat. I will miss having someone around who is more proactive about doing the dishes than I am, and who voluntarily vacumns. Those chores getting done before they come up on my list has been really helpful over the past few weeks.

So the office is empty but I think I'll hold off moving for another few weeks - until I don't need to turn the heat-pump on in the mornings to make the lounge comfortable. maybe until after the next party here to give people the chance to really draw on the walls.
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Battle and party in Dunedin
Shield ... wall

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Marama's birthday in Dunedin
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Adam's 25th in Dunedin
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Leave sometime tomorrow morning. Arrive sometime tomorrow afternoon.

I'll probably be bumming around town for some time in the afternoon - is there anyone I'm unlikely to see at the party who wants to catch up? I'm spoken for for dinner :)

Returning sometime Sunday.
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Canterbury invades Dunedin in attempt to replace some of our crumbled architecture. Dunedin attempts to fob us off with some ugly buildings but defends vigorously the good stuff.
The Romans advance
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Primarily for those who aren't likely to be at the battle or party, current plan has me arriving Friday evening sometime. That means I'll have

- Saturday morning/lunch and
- Saturday afternoon/evening between battle and party
- Sunday brunchish

available to catch up with people / seek entertainment :) Anyone want to claim a time?
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Pre-wedding thingamabob

Travel log

Dec. 12th, 2010 06:52 pm
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Trip down was very sunny, except for some rubbish over the hills. Checked the net from the motel, but it was slow as molasses and I discovered one of the things I had forgotten was the power cable, so I had to conserve laptop battery.

Caught up with [ profile] micheinnz in what was left of the afternoon before heading to [ profile] cthulhu_dream and [ profile] satanicpushcart pre-wedding thingamabob at 10 Bar, which is a nifty underground (or at least dug-into-the-side-of-the-hill) place. The music wasn't too loud, the snacks kept coming (and I may have overindulged) and I got to catch up with several people and meet a few more out of members of the varied social circles who were present.

Photos, but not tonight.

[ profile] martial_lore walked the shorter distance back to my motel so I could drive her the longer distance over the hill to her accommodation, saving me braving the drunks of George St by myself.

This morning I loaded up on breakfast at Capers then cecked the net with the last of the battery before catching up with [ profile] salahdra and then eventually managing to collect passengers and heading north about 12:30.

There was a brief period of concern as the Prius persistently flashed up the warning that means, according to the manual, "Problem with the Hybrid system. Take to dealer IMMEDIATELY" but after a short drive and topping up the tank the message vanished. Best guess is it had been sitting in the sun and was just overheating a bit, but I'll mention it when the car goes in for it's annual service this week.

Overall had a really good time. Wish I had been able to stay longer.
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Adam's birthday party
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I plan to travel down Saturday morning hopefully arriving in time for a late lunch, leaving Sunday afternoon sometime. I don't expect you'll all be at the party, so who am I catching up with when? ([ profile] lenfant_de_jeu, [ profile] heidipina I'm looking at you in particular)
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Hey folks, Adam's birthday party is on the 18th (Saturday) and I'm heading down to Dunedin for it, anyone else up for the trip?

Last years party looked a bit like this - this year the theme is Heroes and Villains

I'd like to be able to finalise my travel plans soonish, so speak up if you're interested :D
(The Dictator has already made interested noises, so there may well be additional vehicles going.)

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I've been advised that there will be a Heroes and Villains themed party on September 18th in Dunedin. (Last year this event was themed Heaven and Hell)

At this stage I'm tentatively planning to attend, I guess I'll also put my hand up to co-ordinate other people wanting to make the trip down from Christchurch.

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