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Topic warning: sexual harassment

Context: Yesterday a #metoo campaign to raise awareness of sexual harassment and assault started to spread on social media.
If all the people who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote "Me, too." as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.

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x-posted from my Tumblr

Tagged by [ profile] ellipsisobsessed. Not tagging anyone because that's not how I roll.

I'm not actually sure whether this meme is about things which are likely to make you happy based on past correlation or times you have been happy in the past. Finding 15 of either could be a struggle.

Possible TMI behind the cut.

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Via Public Address Via Public Address

Psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen and his colleagues at Cambridge's Autism Research Centre have created the Autism-Spectrum Quotient, or AQ, as a measure of the extent of autistic traits in adults. In the first major trial using the test, the average score in the control group was 16.4. Eighty percent of those diagnosed with autism or a related disorder scored 32 or higher. The test is not a means for making a diagnosis, however, and many who score above 32 and even meet the diagnostic criteria for mild autism or Asperger's report no difficulty functioning in their everyday lives.

emphasis mine

34. Yow.

If I took it as of a few years ago, before
a) developing various compensatory social skills and
b) lapsing into relying on technology to remember phone numbers and birth dates and the like

or if I weighted my thinking on the questions about social situations
- away from the groups with whom I spend the most time and have acquired a certain amount of social status
- towards situations involving people I've never met before or associate with infrequently

... it would be higher.


Jun. 28th, 2009 06:31 pm
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Followed a link from an RSS feed to a random blog.

What do you think my dream is? Do I even have one? (Pls answer before reading other comments, but I'm not screening. The FB post duplication limits the usefulness of that feature)
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01. Anyone who wants to can post this meme and their current wallpaper at their LiveJournal.
02. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
03. Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

Rather than taking a screenshot I've uploaded a small version of the image I'm using.

This is a recent aerial photo looking over the hills where I grew up. You can't see the homestead for trees but the woolshed is fairly visible. My father and grandfather farmed this land and back upriver, my great or great-great grandfather was farm manager on the other side of the river so it's thoroughly in my blood even if I didn't quite get the farming gene.

From up here it almost looks like nothing has changed - the trees are a bit taller is all - but I've been back once some years ago and it's true what they say about not being able to go home.

It's only a dark smudge in this image but in the middle of the top left quadrant is the hill where they built Edoras for the LOTR movies.
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As selected by [ profile] xenogram. Comment to propogate meme or if you'd like me to talk about one of my other icons.

My userpics represent the topics, contexts or moods of my posts.

userpic My cat, Racky. Used for posts talking mostly about him. From a photo I gave my Grandma one Xmas after she'd moved and he'd stayed here, and is now on top of my bookcase.

userpic Originally used to flag meme posts (flying frivilously free) I also use it occasionally for joyful, uplifting posts or KAOS Expeditionary Army related posts.
I'd rather have the kea than the kiwi as our national bird, to be honest.

userpic This is one of my miseryguts icons, used when I'm feeling particularly gloomy or angstful. Instantly recognisable to most of my friends as being from the Sisters of Mercy. I cropped the icon out of a favorite computer wallpaper :)

userpic Currently my default LJ icon, taking over from the blue knight as that developed a more 'professional' connotation for me. I've had it just as long (clipart preloaded on my first computer), and I regard it as a friendly, inquisitive sort of picture.

userpic I've used this image tiled as a wallpaper in the past. It's a step up from the SoM icon on the miseryguts scale, representing 'a little depressed/unhappy over here' rather than straight-up angst or bitching.

userpic This is my "Evil DM" icon, usually associated with posts about games I'm running/planning or ideas I'm throwing out there from a DM perspective. I actually did an LJ poll to finalise the choice.

I may occasionally use it for other posts involving conspiracy or manipulation.


Jun. 10th, 2008 08:04 pm
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No game tonight, and no board games, so I get to be home and maybe do some or that stuff I've been procrastinating on. Like exercises, or game prep.

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I had about 3 hours sleep less than optimal last night despite going to be 1/2 hour early. Three in the middle. My neck is still out of sorts - I'm wondering if I actually tore something although I'm sure that should hurt more.

A Knights Tale is on Sky tonight. That could be suitably mindless entertainment to sit in front of and be somewhat productive.
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Nicked from [ profile] micheinnz

(Put your music player on shuffle and use the titles to answer the questions. No cheating.)

I am: Mr Vain (...getting too high an opinion of myself?)

Today was: Synchronicity I

Tomorrow will be: I want you to want me (every day....)

Life is: Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat! Fight.)

I feel: You better you bet (...with bad english)

I want: Wild Boys (... it is one of my personal theme set ... )
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Your home is a

Futuristic Coder's Castle

Your kitchen consists of dilithium-powered food replicators, manned by obedient robot slaves, who are sure to never, ever rebel. I mean, it's preposterous to even consider it. There's a pantry with emergency backup caffeinated beverages. You also have some breakfast cereals in there, but you haven't had breakfast since last Spring. Your master bedroom is decorated to look like the treetop village of the Galadhrim. Your study has every language reference book ever written, including now-useless titles like Learn Javascript 2.0! and C++ Programming for Windows 95. (Why are you keeping those?) One of your garages contains a life-sized X-Wing fighter, and KITT. (KITT was a gift from a well-meaning uncle.)

Your home also includes a robot repair bay, where your mechanized servants are routinely fitted with new restraining bolts. (It's just a precaution.) Your guests enjoy your animatronic replica of the cantina at Mos Eisley. Outside is your radio telescope, listening constantly for alien transmissions. Especially invaders. They'll come eventually, even if nobody believes you. (Nobody does.)

And, you have a pet -- a taun-taun named "Padme".

Below is a snippet of the blueprints:

Find YOUR Dream House!
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If I were a NetHack monster, I would be a water nymph. Life is more about what you get out of it, than what you put in. That elven cloak really matches your eyes, you know.
Which NetHack Monster Are You?
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Work meeting didn't go badly - no-one was actively being disruptive this time and enough people were sufficiently focused on the stated goals of the event that stuff was achieved.

I still don't recommend the Pavillions as a place to eat.

The little things - getting around to hooking my laptop to the mostly unused 19" monitor in an extended-desktop config. Much more screen real-estate and network access.

Cleaned up up after the insulation men. Expect I will be getting a bill shortly. Place already seems to be holding heat better - although it's relatively warm out, just wet.

Mmmm, soup.


You scored as Millennium Falcon (Star Wars), The world around you is at war. Fortunately you know how to handle that with the greatest of ease. You are one of the best at what you do and no one needs to tell you that. Now if only the droids could be quiet for five seconds.

Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)


Nebuchadnezzar (The Matrix)


Moya (Farscape)


Serenity (Firefly)


Babylon 5 (Babylon 5)


Galactica (Battlestar: Galactica)


SG-1 (Stargate)


Heart of Gold (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)


FBI's X-Files Division (The X-Files)


Andromeda Ascendant (Andromeda)


Bebop (Cowboy Bebop)


Deep Space Nine (Star Trek)


Enterprise D (Star Trek)


Which sci-fi crew would you best fit in with? (pics)
created with
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$5175.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth

Mingle2 - Online Dating

I need a new meme icon.
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Everyone has probably already seen the notices by now, but the LJ-mojo meme from a while ago has been hacked. I've removed it from my journal, any who got it from me should also clear it from their journal. Discreetly, because the replacement image is _not_ work safe.
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Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy marsden.

Which movie was this quote from?

Get your own quotes:

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Usability note - it's not at all obvious that if you read someone's entry clicking on the book next to their 'name' brings up a lot more details.


Apr. 23rd, 2007 03:21 pm
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Geek % : - Free Online Dating75% - Free Online Dating

Mojo meme

Apr. 11th, 2007 09:19 pm
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via [ profile] trashpants

Hacked memeage removed

Silly memes

Mar. 9th, 2007 09:40 am
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And avoiding work.

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