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So I'll be on duty at Spacecraft tomorrow from 2pm, so I'm putting the hard word on all my friends to show up and say Hi (and bring a project) :D

Canterbury Innovation Incubator
200 Armagh St

There'll be a sign on the door - just ring the bell or txt me to get in.
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Spacecraft is open for Sunday sessions again, 2pm to 7pm. 200 Armagh Street. The venue has loads of space to spread out your project, heat, power points, wireless and free tea/coffee. There is an optional gold-coin donation towards the use of the facility.

There may be a group pizza order around dinnertime.

I'll be there most of today, and all of next week since I seem to have volunteered to be a responsible adult. I'll have my bag-of-games, since I don't expect to be productive the entire time :) Drop in and say Hi.

(I meant to pimp this yesterday, of course.)
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What was Creative Space starts back again this Wednesday evening, and I'm on a sort of promise to pimp it this year :D
Spacecraft is a space in Christchurch, New Zealand for people to hack, craft, make, create and work on projects.

For some of the things people were working on last year have a look around here

As Phil put it intiallly
I've been interested in the concept for quite a while but after spending some time in similar setups in Europe I'm even more convinced it would be a great addition to the city. While I could spout on about it having social, community, technical, educational and creative benefits I'm really only suggesting it because I want to be able to work on projects and hang out with interesting people at the same time.

The evening & afternoon sessions last year proved the potential and the group is currently in discussion about finding a dedicated, 24/7 space which can be outfitted & where people can set up & leave their projects-in-progress.

If this is something you would like to be involved with please pop in to any session or join the conversation on the mailing list. Over summer (or until space is found) we'll be every Wednesday, 7-11pm at 200 Armagh St (the Canterbury Innovation Incubator). Gold coin donation for regular attendees.

I attended several sessions last year. It's a good place to get out of the house, focus (you might think that having people around would be more distracting, but not so. Everyone is working on something) and get stuff done. The NeverWinter campaign in particular benefited, but once or twice I just took along a book to read.

The feel is social/recreational, the people are friendly, the facilities include wireless internet (bring your own laptop) and there's tea/coffee/etc in the kitchen (covered generally by the gold coin mentioned above).

Since it looks like I'm getting to be involved in the next phase of SpaceCraft's development, expect to hear a lot more about it this year.
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The Creative Space BBQ turned out pleasant, even if I did almost nod off early on. I even managed to be involved in some conversations.
Woke up this morning and it felt like the lead in to Xmas. You know, that sort of languid sensation where everything that needs to happen will happen, and there will be just enough time. Also known as the lazy days of summer.

At least, that's what I'm telling myself it is. I need to set to and get some big-project work done this week though, so I can invoice it and actually have some money over the Xmas/New Year break. (Bills are covered - play, not so much.)

Of course right now I'm procrastinating like crazy, but also a test-run on an Xmas present is encoding in the background. I really ought install that software on the laptop and do it there.
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There are about 10000 images, mostly photos that Picasa has access to. According to it's status bar it was trying to index ~25000 somethings. It stopped with ~10000 whatever-they-are to go, and won't restart indexing. I know it hasn't identified every face including some very clear ones that it should have no trouble with.

Reading the help forums it seems this isn't a unique problem, especially for people with large photo collections. There is a possibility that once all existing faces are assigned it will restart indexing. I have a hunch it reached about 10000.

There are 2104 left to do - I can't remember if I saw 8000+ at one stage or only 6000+ but I was assigning while it was still indexing. So I assigned 4-8000 faces yesterday. (It's suggestion and grouping features still leave much to be desired. There is no quick way to recover from mis-labelling a face, But the effective autocomplete feature makes labelling so much faster.)

There's still the question of retaining this data over my planned New Years system wipe & reinstall. But at least I have a feel for how long it will take if I have to do it all over again.

On the one hand this is proof that I can still focus obscenely on a project that interests me (or perhaps that just triggers my OCD) and it's gratifying that my brain has been able to drag quite a few names up from the murky past (while only 2008/2009 KAOS pics are in the system I have family and gaming (SAGA/OURS/KapCon) collections stretching back to the early 2000s)

On the other hand
- My spine is feeling quite compressed from the hours I put in yesterday, although I managed to retain fairly good posture for the day (I think)
- The photos include Kaye & Martyn's wedding, which was an uneccessariy bittersweet reminder this close to the anniversary of their accident
- Plowing through faces brings ... unhelpful associations as well as good. In particular repeatedly seeing the faces of various women I've been attracted to over the years is not having a positive effect on my state of mind.

The Creative Space BBQ is this afternoon - I'm not really sure I'm up to going out and socialising with a bunch of people I barely know but it will get me out of the house.
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Creative Space was very quiet tonight - a handful of people.

Creative Space was very loud tonight - a live band was practising in an adjoining room.
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Vaguely getting thing done at home.
A couple of phone calls.
Vaguely getting things done, a ponderous game of Hunters & Gatherers, and pizza at Creative Space
Blowing stuff up in Privateer, because the joystick is behaving itself at the moment.
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Wednesday - had a really good evening being social at Creative Space. Didn't actually get much project work done and what I did was mostly a do-over of Sunday - but it clicked this time!

Thursday - A session long battle against the BBG which gave everyone at the table some nervous moments - including me as the party managed to drop his immunity to mental effects and Feeblemind him - leaving him reactively and defensively casting only his Divine spells until they did enough damage that Contingency kicked in and whisked him away.

That will definitely act as a delayer to the Cult's plans and has gained the PCs a valuable catch-up on the timeline. Meanwhile they continue this day of the adventure down a large amount of their spell power. Eeeexcellent....

Nearly lost a PC - until I realised I'd cocked something up in an earlier session and she should have had more HP to start with. The encounter could have been a TPK had I opened with a bigger spell, so I think I played it about right.

This morning has mostly been eaten catching up with Emma's Are we there yet? thread over on Public Address, but I have taken some time to revisit my power tracking / comparison with PowerShop spreadsheet for the past 12 months (ie pre solar).

It turns out that on my current Meridian Night & Day plan my average cost per unit is lower than anything offered at Powershop such that most months even had I bought most of my units early at the best price I've seen from PS I was still better off with Meridian by ~$20/month . That including the fixed charge and before the prompt-payment discount (so add a bit more).

Of course competition is relatively tight in the Christchurch residential power market, so I'm not surprised if we get some of the best prices in the country. I will be very interested to see how the numbers change over the next 12 months now that I'm theoretically using less of the cheaper night rate. It'll also give a chance to show how often PS deals like the $50 free power of March turn up, which could be a balancing factor.


May. 14th, 2009 09:17 am
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A few weeks ago I posted about Fibre from the Farm as reported in the Christchurch Press. On Monday Close Up had picked up the story (watch on TVNZOnDemand).

Today Chris Barton has picked up the theme in his NZHerald column.

The Sci Fi Soc movie this week was Tron, which has aged remarkably well. A lot of the futuristic stuff is, well, still futuristic.

Next weeks movie is Soylent Green

Last night at Christchurch Creative Space there was a presentation and discussion on future options for the group. It will be repeated on Sunday and anyone who is interested is welcome to come along.
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Went to Wolverine with the usual suspects last night, enjoyed the movie.

Spent a couple of hours at the Christchurch Creative Space, which I've been seeing tweets about for the past few weeks. 50% curiousity, 50% "get your ass out and interact with real people outside the current reprobates, boy!"

Got a bit done and enjoyed the experience. Didn't expect to see anyone I knew directly (I know from perusing twitter lists that there is a significant 1-degree overlap) but nevertheless crossed paths with [ profile] sethop.

I think I'll make it a regular Sunday excursion, and maybe Wednesdays if I've had a quiet Tuesday.

Dunedinites - my calendar says that the Slave Auction is on the 16th - less than a fortnight away - y/n/m/a ?

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