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What can one person do? One person can:
Communicate, organise, promote, lead by example, inspire, start a movement

What can't one person do?
Live forever.

Modern web-based communications enable one person to do the first list on a scale greater than ever before. That's force multiplication on a scale previously reserved for the leaders of countries and more recently media personalities.

There's a lot of information about using these as delivery systems to make a big impact. If you're trying to build something that will outlast any one person's involvement/enthusiasm I think it's better to look toward another kind of force multiplier, the supply train.

Actually, screw supply trains. I think the great strength comes from being able to seed activity over a sufficiently wide area that people can run their own events without clashing. Autonomously. Self contained. Some will wither, but every so often one of those will produce one person who will take it to the next level and step up the cycle again.

Force multiplication. It doesn't have to be instant. It doesn't have to be constant. But it's there to be used.

(No, I haven't figured out "what for" either.)
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Good for killing a few hours. Also one I'm likely to go back and re-read :)
Start here ->
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may not have seen these couple of specials (which were tucked away at the bottom of a long post about android)
We love XKCD (video) featuring some pretty famous participants
a happier version of the Spirit comic by an unknown author
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Because I know people reading this will relate
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Last week the Least I Could Do webcomic (N always SFW) ran a series of strips which had one of their main characters (Rayne) doing a TED talk. ( - Ideas worth sharing)

It starts with a premise that "the world we live in is driven by a sense of fear and a sense of entitlement"

5 strips, starting here
Follow-up blog post by the author of the strip

As a tangent, last week in the NZHerald Anthony* Doesburg asked Faster, wider bandwidth - but what will we do with it? He didn't answer the question directly, but I'd like to suggest that even getting the majority of the country on the same sort of speed I'm accustomed to (4Mb/s) would open up access to things like the TED talks. (OK, also need much cheaper data rates because y'know, streaming video glug glug glug).

*the fact that no-one at the herald has bothered correcting the blatant typo in his name in the headline irritates me.

Gosh, do I have a sense of entitlement about fast, cheap broadband? Probably, but I believe the benefits are so great that it need to be designated a public good* like electricity and in earlier years the telephone.

*I know I'm not using the proper economic definition here, but I can't recall the correct term. Nationalised good?
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That What's new with Phil and Dixie - the classic comic drawn by Phil Foglio for Dragon Magazine - is being put online issue by issue as a weekly webcomic is old news.

But I feel the final panel to this three-page strip from 1983 is also quite relevant to current times.

I don't think I've ever seen the 1982 movie "The Sword and the Sorcerer", although I've certainly seen it recommended as one of those films every role player should see. But apparently 27 years later they're finally doing the promised sequel. More at Gnome Stew.
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I spent the after noon and early evening playing the Order of the Stick board game with [ profile] morag_windstar and co. I was (randomly) playing Belkar, the psychotic little bastard.

OOTS is definately a game you need to play once just to get the hang of. Had I realised how much Belkar's success is aided by attacking the other players I think the game would have gone differently - ie I may not have come last :D. Instead we all played nice and concentrated on killing the monsters and taking their stuff while we learnt the rules, with practically no PVP action.

It'sa long running game - even with only 4 and then 3 of us it must have lasted 4+ hours. The book suggests 7-8 hours for a 6 player game. It speeds up some as you learn how things work, but not necessarily a lot.

I look forward to playing it again with this experience under my belt.

Of course this meant that I didn't achieve several other things today.....
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Do you have any idea how rare that is, even with all the comic humour I digest on a daily basis?

(for those not familiar with XKCD - are there any of those who read my journal? - hover your mouse over the comic to see what I'm talking about).

Yo. Codym.

Aug. 2nd, 2007 04:59 pm
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You probably follow OOTS anyway, but I think this one's just for you.
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The job interview I was originally going to have 3 weeks ago has been set for this afternoon. I feel the conditions of the position have changed a bit in the meantime. Still looking.

GDP is not off to a brilliant start.

Was quite social yesterday afternoon and evening, probably good for me.

I found something in this cartoon, I'm not sure quite what. (thanks [ profile] cthulhudream)

I'm entertained by it because of how I think the last line is meant to be interpreted, which is not how one might first interpret it. There's some other pretty good stuff in the webcomic too, and some plain weird.

AQUADEXTROUS (ak wa deks' trus) adj. Possessing the ability to turn the bathtub faucet on and off with your toes.
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Start reading here. (You too, [ profile] doth).


Apr. 16th, 2006 08:42 pm
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