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It has been two months since I did a "state of me" post. Looking back I see I was definitely in a worse place at that time. Things have picked up but I feel back in a bit of a dip at the moment.

Some major loops have been closed - the drain-laying and landscaping have been done; replaced with the less intimidating "cleaning up the mess left behind" and "paying off the mortgage again" loops. Having to be out of bed by 8am for workers did wonders for my productivity over those couple of weeks and I had hoped it would "stick" as an adjustment to my body clock but I have slipped back to not being able to force myself out of bed until quite late in the morning.

I have also switched off the medication which may have been helping with that (Sertroline); I developed a strong physical aversion to taking it so switched back to a low dose of the leftover Citalopram then changed my prescription back as well. There was an almost immediate improvement in my mood, alertness and creativity (measured by my urge to write); at the same time I have experienced a resurgence in vivid and sleep disrupting dreams and also a near-constant hunger/snacking.

The only weekday commitments I have at the moment are work; so that isn't suffering relative to my established "norm" but we are still behind and I would like to do more; as well as of course keep on top of other things before the list grows long enough to again feel overwhelming.
Hall commitments have receded; hopefully for the next couple of months until it starts warming up again.

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Last night was not well restful. I had (woke from) three very emotively charged dreams (plus lesser-charged segues) and had one of those instances where you hop out of bed to go to the toilet and discover one side of your body has forgotten what balance is.

Dream the first: Anger/Rage
The first of two dreams featuring the Hall; this one followed the now familiar course of people going in uninvited and then giving me the run-around while my phone refused to dial 111 (in one instance it actually dialled only to drip the call in favour of answering one from M about something less than helpful which resulting in me shouting down the phone at him for a bit.

I don't think anything in that dream ever got resolved but the frontage did somehow get pruned, although this involved a tree (conifer, of which there are none there - but neither is the steep hillside it was on) falling onto Riccarton Road and endangering traffic.

Dream the second: Sadness / helplessness
The first dream mostly took place around the motel wing (with several extra floors) and the garden; after an awake period it sort of picked up again with going into the managers residence and finding it had been quietly overrun with homeless people. Packed 20-40 to a room, Chch earthquake insurance/nobuild* refugees mostly. There was filth, there were flies, there hopelessness, helplessness and illness. Somehow I managed to get media attention drawn to the situation (I don't know how, the dream skipped to finishing showing a reporter around and the worse cases were in the process of being moved out to ambulances.
This dream left me with a feeling of deep sadness.

* nobuild - the rebuild which hasn't eventuated

Dream the third: Attachment
My last for the night and coming after a few other, shorter but still emotionally turbulent episodes segued out of an animated fish swimming olympics (where the winner "won" by being almost lapped then swallowed by his larger competitor only to bust back out of his gullet at the finish line to win by a nose) through
a desperate run through a post-apocalyptic trail / unused subway / mine / partly working forge and factory trying to avoid or fighting off the brutal / murderous / cannibalistic survivors and gangs which had claimed various areas. At some point a cyborg was introduced to the dream who later went crazy and full-on war-machine bloody slaughter - the dream shifted to the future where she had calmed down a bit;gained control of the factory and used her knowledge and it's facilities to create impressive war-machine bodies for a number of other serious wounded women (men only got basic cybernetic replacements) .
[No I haven't seen Fury Road yet except for the trailers, I've even managed to avoid spoilers, I'm hoping to go on Thursday]
Anyway she and I had become a thing and I would much rather have stayed in that future wasteland with her; mostly metal body serious psychological issues and all; than have to wake up again here.

I wish I had time to go deeper into why all these things are so important to me, but I have little time and still have to do that for the one from night before last (next post). For those who know me well the connections are probably all clear anyway.
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Last night (well this morning) I had dreams of epic length even by my standards. The sort where your bladder drags you out of bed midway for a toilet break, but that is only a temporary escape. The content was not pleasant either.

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This would work better as a series of storyboards as my words to poor justice to the atmosphere I dreamt. Like many dreams this one did not occur in chronological sequence so I have had to piece it together.

The scene: a small Western town boasting a railway station and a sawmill and little more. A man from the east looks too well dressed to be asking about work in the foreman's office just inside the main entry of the mill. Outside the office his heavily pregnant wife stands with their luggage while a boy and girl of about five and seven respectively chase each other in a circle, singing and laughing in voices clear and sweet enough that they cut through the mill noise and cause the workers to pause and shake their heads in appreciation.

Suddenly the earth rumbles and shakes and everyone flees the building except the mother who is struck by a falling timber and goes into labour, the father who has his foot crushed trying to get to his wife (passing out after dragging himself free) and the little boy who clings to her. "Get help" she whispers to him and he scrambles up a ladder and runs along a walkway shouting out windows at the few people in the dusty street below - but they all seem frozen in time, paying no heed or turning to run. Exhausted he drags himself up a set of stairs to get to a door which leads to an external platform and half-falls through.

Outside (and moving at normal speed) people realise what has happened and mill workers rush to try and clear the pie of timbers and scaffolding which has fallen to block the entrance. The little girl is the only one with the presence of mind to run around the side of the building looking for another way in.

As she rounds the corner she finds herself, with her brother, in an impossible summertime field of flowers and grasses where peaceful feeling reigns supreme. A pale winged horse sits in the grass, a gangly (also winged) filly sprawled out next to her is obvious contentment. The mare lifts her head and speaks to the confused children, greeting them ans "brother" and "sister" and telling them it is good to see them again.

[context impossible to convey descriptively: the mare is somehow the little girl who is about to be born, communicating from the future where she is literally able to assume this form. The foal she introduces in passing as their niece.]

She tells them everything will be all right and they are transported back, stepping back through the door at the top of the stairs and running back down to be with their mother. A beautiful fae woman is kneeling there and the mother is weakly whispering "I cannot take that from them" or "It is not mine to give". The woman lifts her head and asks the children "will you give your voices to save your sister?" Not really sure what is being asked of them the two just nod dumbly.

When rescuers arrive they find a healthy child born and the mother near-death. During the early stages of her long convalescence she sometimes rambles about the "beautiful fairy" who helped her, which is put down to hallucination bought on by the stress of he experience.

Five years later ("now"): The boy has not spoken since that day but is not simple and can read and write to communicate. He works at odd-jobs around the mill and will grow into a strong man, but his dark eyes reflect a depth of things seen that makes some uneasy. His sister is mostly responsible for looking after the family and she speaks rarely. When she does it is quietly and quickly, glancing up shyly with usually downcast eyes. Often the two will be seen sitting together, he silent and looking away while she holds his hand and sings softly to him.

The father (an educated man) was offered a job doing the mill paperwork by the sympathetic owner who has never had reason to regret the decision. Despite his semi-crippling injury he is now foreman. The mother is weak and spends most of her time sitting up in bed but is otherwise fully recovered and the women of the town bring sewing and other work to her. Although it is common knowledge around town people do not mention the odd circumstances of the birth and have avoided asking about the family's past.

The now-5-years-old babe is healthy, fair of face, generally well behaved and generally adored by all around the mill community. When she manages to escape supervision she can usually be found in the mill stables running and skipping around the large draft animals. Despite the apparent risk she has never and will never come to harm here.

[Twist in the tale] It's entirely likely that the accident was caused by the fae woman as a ploy to take the voices of the children for her own.
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Last evening I attended a fairly convivial flatwarming drinkies where I managed to complete the find-all-the-things (20 symbols hidden around the flat) game going on about 30 minutes ahead of anyone else, netting some chocolates and 400 "badass points to do with as you will". Unfortunately no (in)decent opportunities arose to take advantage of that. (What else would I use them for?).

Unfortunately by the time I got home my mood was ebbing and the rest of my night was broken not only by the sort of dreams where one wakes up covered in cold sweat but also by a completely unnecessary 2:45am phone call which whil eit dragged me out of a dream I was not enjoying was nevertheless not an improvement.

I can't remember the details of that first dream now but the second was perhaps unsurprisingly filled with anger and frustration although the targets were forces and people outside my control, particularly economic and government/social.

The last was running (which included the superleap-glide combo one often gets in dreams) to try and stay ahead of a zombie-virus which was outbreaking. Most of the population of the city (wherever it was) had been infected by a dormant version which was now being activated by an airbourne vector but the active virus could also be spread by touch (starting as a rash). The front created by the airbourne vector spreading outwards was what I was trying to keep ahead of but only just keeping pace with. There was a lot of treetop/rooftop/walltop jump-gliding as well as trying to get over or past infected groups (which retained humanlike intelligence just with a very specific goal) without being noticed, often this included entering a building which may-or-may not have an active contagion and trying to get through and out the other side before the inhabitants were affected.

Fortunately the zombies were fairly easy to disable with small amounts of stabbing (often with cutlery) but that still meant they had managed to get dangerously close. There were a number of incidents of meeting/teaming up with people who were not infected/active only to have to stab/kill/evade them as the virus was contracted or became active.

I did get infected as the virus which was apparently developing some form of hive-intelligence started infecting wolves and one of them managed to superleap onto my back in mid air. Attempts to kill myself by biting down on home-made bullets I'd acquired from someone in the process of succumbing earlier failed but apparently I was not entirely human or something (in the dream just before the virus outbreak I had been some form of lower-social-class ape creature) and the virus was taking longer than usual to affect me.

I managed to make it out of the city with a flying leap over a steep slope which although I could glide down into the sea/lakeside wilderness beyond it was such a distance that safe/gentle landing was in no way assured (or likely) after which I was likely to be lying helpless until I either died (properly) or fought off the virus. I woke up at that point though.

When just about finished typing this up the first time the damn cat decided she was going to walk across between me and the laptop without care for where she was standing and managed to step on the F5 key wiping it all.This is how I discovered the Lazurus plugin while installed is apparently not working in this browser and is responsible for a sharp decline in my mood, as a consequence of which my next actions are not going to be write up the three sessions of On the Road I am behind but go back to playing Wizardry VI: Bane of the Cosmic Forge which I purchased from a couple of days ago.
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"But every road leads to nowhere
And every door leads to home
[some words] right now
[some more words] alone."
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I've been having trouble sleeping nights recently - I don't seem to be the only one so it's probably a seasonal thing. My "wake from a vivid bad dream drenched in sweat" count is also up.

Last night featured a particularly bad one. I'm not going to go into details just say hashtags naked, alone, helpless, angry, lashing out, losing it, failing to summon help, against the odds, betrayal.

There were going to be consequences to my actions, I was happy to accept them if only help would come. Which it eventually did but not of my doing.

There was another unpleasant dream later on (it took me about 2 hours and a snack to get back to sleep after the first one) which was a more traditional "fighting this thing but able to deal with it and ultimately going to win despite the unpleasantness" scenario.

Adding this to a few other things
- serious trouble getting out of bed in the morning (even when I've slept well)
- then serious desire for naps in the afternoon / evening
- serious lack of motivation/energy to start things (once started I'm generally good for a couple of hours)
- work hours frustratingly down as a result
- hall is currently a more negative than positive influence in my life

suggests that despite my generally upbeat mood and recent bursts of creativity and writing there may actually be something pretty heavy weighing me down behind the scenes :(
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Dreams (the night-time variety) .. one can leave you feeling relaxed and happy, the next can turn around and leave you shattered and broken. If they'd happened in the other order I'd feel better.

It is probably the after effects of a week of widely fluctuating emotions in response to a series of events - from nigh exhilarating highs to gutting comedowns. Also a week where I pushed myself somewhat at work and while I am happy with the time spent and with the quality of my code I still did not complete the results I was aiming for, at the cost of tiring myself out.

So today I feel broken and hurt and alone, and have a bad case of the "don't wanna's" which means I only* managed to drag myself out of bed because I have commitments to meet this afternoon - this will get done as will probably some other things which sort of /need/ doing but the things I had planned to do today are probably dead in the water.

* Also because lying in bed moping wasn't going to increase the chances of someone turning up on my doorstep to "distract and comfort"** me - but then neither is dumping and angsting in my journal.

** totally a euphemism
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It's been about a fortnight since my last entry. Sometimes that means life is going really well and I just don't have time to update. This time it means life is a bit of a slog and I haven't even really had the energy to think about updating.

I clearly overdid things far more than I thought in the lead up to my trip - since then my ability to get out of bed in the morning has plummeted as have my work hours (although the quality of my work in those hours is I think better than in the longer hours I was pushing through previously), and the amount of energy coping with the Hall sucks has ballooned. There seem to be an unusually high number of people expecting that I can arrange something there for them at short notice right now; fortunately M has been available to be on site weekday afternoons.

Last night there was an o-ghod-oclock-am alarm which I barely managed to drag myself out of bed to attend (doors open, no-one found), and then failed to get any meaningful sleep for the rest of the night*, dragging myself out of bed with just enough time to throw clothes on and grab the makings of breakfast to take with me as I headed out the door to open up for a groups of film students at 10am. I eventually ate [brunch] about 11 sitting on the patio steps in the sun but my body was already telling me my physical reserves were at the point of exhaustion, and then I spent the next hour or so pulling weeds. By the time I made it home about 2pm I managed a drink and a banana before falling back into bed for a few hours; from which I awoke not particularly refreshed. (A shower and dinner have since helped to some extent.)

* I was asleep enough to dream - a very long dream about the hall (which had grown another 2 dormitory wings and various other rooms) being overrun without permission by hundreds of people doing some sort of Zombie Walk event at the same time as the Red Cross were attempting to do an exercise there. In some scenes it was hard to tell who were the exercise victims and who were the "zombies" especially as the latter while generally well-behaved kept ignoring the instructions not to go into the areas the Red Cross had set up for their exercise, and I had friends who were involved in both (which the dream gave me several hugs from; the only positive point). The alarm clock woke me up just as I had spotted "zombie" people actually making their way / breaking into the managers residence and my feelings of helpless anger were peaking.

And tomorrow still has an ever-increasing list of things which will need doing.

There have been some positive experiences in the past couple of weeks - gaming is going well on both nights and last night I hung out with a friend for dinner and an introduction to Firefly which I have so far avoided except as a wash of pop-culture; only because I don't tend to watch things by myself.
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Last night was a bit messed up. Trigger warnings on the first for umm, relationship violence, violence against women and emotional fuckwittery.

going bad )

I can't remember much about the intervening dream - it was about catching someone in a poor situation stealing toilet paper or nappies by the carload from a department store attached to #AHChch and calling the police on them.

losing job / going mad )

I blame indulging in gluteny sweet things on Thursday night.

Feeling: empty inside like the sound of the last few drops of drink being sucked out of a can through a straw.

Dream meta

May. 11th, 2014 09:18 am
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Lots of dreams last night; common themes being dream-within-a-dream(-within a dream ....) and rebuffing/overcoming something by force-of-will. most have been driven to the recesses of my mind by a 7:20am hall alarm.

One I recall included separating out various alternate realities such that magic worked in identifiably different ways by altering the way the fundamental building blocks of each reality were put together and then individuals in those realities with meta-awareness figuring out which one they were in when something unusual happened by testing those "laws".

One involved all these alternate realities and more being stacked inside a massive building like aircraft fuselages with each assigned a powerful psychic manipulator to guide it from the outside.

One involved one of these stacks where the girl whose reality it was at the top never dreamed because the counterpart at the bottom was trapped inside her own mind, powerfully psychic and both guarded and belittled by her inner demons; and repeatedly committing suicide in a time loop. Persuading her (over the guards' mockery) to come out of her shell and start seeing/creating something just-a-little beautiful in the wasteland outside which represented her life; thus changing the course of the time loop in way which would ultimately destroy it cost the guardian/me
- first one arm to be able to take control of her psychic but very lethal flying blade with the other/force of will and command it to "take me to your mistress" through the storm of darkness around her mind
- then the other arm (that stung!) and death from blood loss almost immediately after mission success when I lost my grip; but mission accomplished and a better future for all in that stack of realities.

There were a lot of other things - all vivid at the time all fading now - all adding up to one marathon connected dream.
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So this week while my body has been purging last weekend's gluten indulgence ...

First off two earthquake-containing dreams - they occurred one after the other but I can on longer remember in which order. In one I was trapped on the west coast by a quake that nearly put myself and my car (red sporty number) over the edge of a cliff. In the dream I had a wife (in Christchurch, communicated by phone/txt) and 1? 2? children whom I went to a nearby school to find.

In the other we (I forget who else was in the "we") were trying to escape a dwarven mining complex which was basically just sliding/avalanching off the face of a mountain (the entire face of the mountain was riddled with tunnels). The safe way out was to go deeper into the mountain and through to the other face which *wasn't* falling off (and may have contained a big slide to Disneyland). Of course none of us knew our way through the mines - I don't think we were even supposed to be there in the first place - and they were a maze of turny passages all alike (but not dark, no grues).

Continuing the theme of being lost the next night (morning) was a set of dreams-within-dreams all of which centered around trying to get through the streets to my grandparent's place from the Hall (which seemed to have shifted location to Tinwald - and I one case I was stuck flying holding it up superman-style and the only way out of the dream was to give up and be drowned beneath it). I'd wake up for he dream only to find myself struck in another version of it, or sometimes I'd go back to the previous version to try and find another way out.
The positive thing was at least in this dream someone had bought the hall and cleaned out the top level and done an amazing job doing up the bottom level (including the manager's residence) and was working on the gardens - but I only got to be inside and see all this at the beginning of the first of the dreams.
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Over the past few nights I've had several dreams that I meant to jot down here, but not the time and only two from Saturday have managed to stay with me.

In the first it was the the morning after Slosh & Sequoia's wedding or party (which it was, that being on Friday night) but instead of coming home I had crashed on a couch in a house I didn't recognise. Slosh and [ profile] morbid_curious were there and someone (female, possible employer) asked each of them in turn what they are doing in their study/work, and them moved on to me. I disclaimed that what I do is nowhere near as high-powered as them 9a claim which was met dismissively) and gave my usual spiel. There was a male of similar employer status just leaving, and he asked if I would be able to be hired away from my current job (implication for a lot more money). I said maybe, but I'd need a month or two to help my employers find and train a replacement, which seemed to be taken well.

The second was one of those board-game dreams. In this one you had to assemble a row of connected persons (cards). The cards may in fact have fitted together a bit like jigsaw pieces. The winner was the person with the longest single chain at the end of the game, but you could have multiple partial lines down in front of you aiming to connect them together.

I have no idea what the rules for connecting were but there were at least friendships/acquaintances and marriages. There may also have been a 3rd vertical type which maybe represented parent-child? marriages were apparently worth more points but you couldn't have two marriages next to each other. There were apparently also "secret" marriages 9hidden points, or connecting two apparently disconnected chains) which could potentially be revealed by another player with the right card causing a "scandal" and breaking up chains.

There was a dream this morning that I remember much of, but there's a bit in the middle which leaves me too emotionally raw to write about here. Before that was roleplaying where the characters were fighting/fleeing a demon lord, and then I was trying and failing to write up the session log. Later there was lots of rain and then heavy snow, through which I was struggling while carrying a heavy load.
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I had a particularly bad dream last night - I had come home form a mediocre party to find a bunch of my friends who hadn't been at the party having a drinkies at my place. Without having asked or told me and somehow having gained access without keys (unless my flatmate who had also been at aforementioned party had conspired with them - but he'd disappeared into his room).

Somehow this hit all my triggers simultaneous and I went psychopath. There was ordering out, there was assault on my friends, even when I had calmed enough to just be standing at the other end of the house screaming there was a friend who now felt so unsafe that they rammed another friend's car parked up the driveway behind their car out and across the road so they could leave.

There there was some limbo about what was going to happen next, then I woke up with nothing resolved. Losing my shit like that is one of the things I'm most scared of in my waking life and doing it in my sleep is no less unpleasant :(

My next dream was about a futuristic proof-of-concept shopping mall where you basically fastened yourself to the floor and it moved you to where you wanted to go. There was even a mechanism for making sure your kids remained within [x] distance of you. All the store fronts/racks were virtual, but real-enough that you could eg physically experience trying on a pair of shoes before purchasing "them" and having them sent to your home.

But if you tore down the virtual fa├žade the mall was infested with Aliens™ and some other brain-parasite aliens who were using it as a convenient source for hosts, and who were prepared to go to any lengths to stop people who discovered this from spreading the information, starting with a mob of layers using the fine-print in the contracts/disclaimers everyone who went in had to sign which forbid saying anything negative about the mall afterwards (yes this was set in the USA) to brainwashing to finally trying to kill customers (oddly by shooting lasers at them not by having Aliens™ tear them apart).

I can't remember how the dream ended, I think we got out of the mall but no-one believed us anyway.

I am sure I actually had a nicer dream later on, but I can't remember anything about that that one.
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This morning probably fuelled by little sleep I had one of the most intense dreams I can recall.

this gets long )
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[Alt title: He who has the power of death also has the power of life]

Had a very thematically focused set of dreams-within-a-dream last night, which was eventually revealed to be a vision quest at the end through which was revealed my inner self as a god or spirit of death (Eloin) and the subsequent new beginnings it brings. They were linked together by always fading back to the same supermarket carpark (or be it rather different each time) where I was trying to find my car and also some friends who had come with me. There was also what seemed to be some pre-orgy frottage happening which I rather wish had gone further ;)

When I did finally find my friends shortly before the dream ended it turned up they had set up the quest/visions at my request and with the aid of a slightly older goddess who happened to be the aunt of one of them.

scenes I remember (trigger warning) )


Jan. 14th, 2014 05:48 pm
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I had a number of dreams last night that I wanted to record details of but I let the monkey get the better of me for too long this moring and going to work took precedence.

I do remember

- it was about Xmas time and in between other bits of the dream I was visiting people for various meals

- meeting a woman (through an article on greek mythology or similar she wrote in in Canta) about my age, who I hit it off with. She apparently knew of me by reputation and wondered why I was single, given that apparently a lot of women talked about wanting to go out with / sleep with me behind my back. By the end of the encounter I wasn't technically single any more.
-- she had either short sandy or log red hair, and was bulkily proportioned but not unpleasantly so.
- quite a bit of the rest of the dream had an undercurrent of waiting to hear back from her by txt - eventually I called and she'd just been too busy (Xmas) and out of town. She never came back into the dream.

- at the last meal I somehow ripped a huge lump of what looked like mutton fat out off my foot, leaving an open wound (about half of my foot) with stringy raw-looking but not bleeding flesh behind. It then turned out that we were in a research facility where a zombie virus had got loose - very slow onset but a lot of my friends were already in more advanced stages. I decided to fight it (and them) as long as I could with whatever means at my disposal - I got bitten a few times (by people who are unlikely ever to bite me in real life) to little effect. Some army guys did turn up with sub-machine guns but when I got my hands on one they only fired bbs and while an auto burst of 20-odd bbs to the chest or head wouldn't be healthy for a living person all they did to zombies was knock them backwards a little bit, if that. Completely failed to stop them escaping the station, several people were arguing that letting them out was the right thing to do.

- I can't remember exactly where in the dream - before or after the zombies but I took a wrong turn driving through Chch and ended up on a one way street to the top of the Catholic cathedral (pre-quake and with a fifth much taller spire in the centre) where I talked with a statue which might have been the Archangel Michael about something he needed/wanted me to do or something I had done on his behalf, although I'm not clear what that was.
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Started with a quest in what seemed to be the Simpsons to prevent something happening, leading to the the assembly of a magical artifact (physically two massive silver or mithral plugs) which pulled the immediate location out of time while putting the rest of time into a complicated loop, which if you managed to take the right set of corners could be escaped and navigated around the outside by a set of stairs which almost but not quite turned at right angles each time the timeline reset.

Something happened during the episode which was the precursor/complement to something set up 5 seasons earlier a level of pre-planning I was impressed by.

For some reason Rincewind was also stuck traversing these stairs. [cameo?]

There were a lot of stairs but they were outside time so you could spend the nearly-forever it took to walk/climb their entire length. There were cupboards you could look through to catch a glimpse of events in version of the timeline on the other side - although occasionally someone would also open them from the other side. There were a group of 2-3 villains (I can only remember partial specifics of two of them - a man in a brown coat who was leader and a woman in a red coat) who were traversing the stairs back to the "beginning" (because it was a loop) where they connected to the oldest/first/original timeline so they could set things up to rule over all the timelines forever (apparently the timelines didn't have to play out the same way each time, only in generalities about the beginning and end). They started old but acquired artifacts/power ups as they went to restore their youth and give them subtle powers (like mind control) by the time they entered the timeline.

Meanwhile the Doctors Who (1 to 11 who were also trapped - one per timeline) got involved - first they tried wiping out humanity about WWII by giving advanced technology to a race of gnomes - that didn't actually work because it just meant that gnomes were dominant for the rest of the timeline. So then they worked around the stairs (in conflict with the villains), force-regenerating on the stairs at the points matching where they regenerated in the timelines to set up an energy pattern which blew apart the artifact, did ghod knows what to the timelines (shortly after the villains had entered) and opened up a bleak new future wasteland where they were finally able to become 12.

This possibly just goes to show how much Who I've osmosed from FB/Tumblr over the past month.
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Ugh. Finally out of bed after a night filled with dreams about loss, anger and frustration. There were only a couple of bright spots - one where someone I liked from my old work showed up as a new employee at current work, and one near the beginning of the last dream which was about #AHChch being gradually overrun by people - at first just a few friends deciding on an impromptu working bee (although it was later on a Friday and the light was fast vanishing) which was great, then more friends and acquaintances either joining in or turning up to have a look around (which was fine except when some of them started ignoring the danger signs and going into the manager's residence), and then lots of random people all with no oversight whatsoever which would be fine under some conditions but definitely wasn't under these ones.

So there I was trying to track down and shoo people out of the managers' residence which
- was fairly dark inside and no less damaged
- someone (not us) had spent time booby trapping; in obvious ways and easily avoided by my superior knowledge of the place inside and a noticed-but-not-encountered ankle-biting spiked wooden palisade around the patio gardens (not actually a bad idea)
- had developed a lot more rooms including facilities for a bar/night club overlooking a large indoor swimming pool (wouldn't that be nice), a lot more open doors onto the main building (also larger)
- was quivering as if a shake was incoming.

And eventually woke up with the whole situation unresolved, then lay in bed feeling mopey for another couple of hours.

By this time of the year hope is something I have in very short supply.

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