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A substantial invoice came in so I decided 'blow it, I'm going to blow some of it'.

Cutwells was actually the least expensive place I visited today, picking up 25ish metres of black fabric from the 99c/m bin. The velcro dots I hope will suffice to hang it were $42 from Warehouse Stationary. I'll have to have a trial run or do the hanging early in the week so I can go back in if that's not enough.

I dropped $200 at Timeless Trinkets - $100 on a picture that caught my eye back at Xmas time, and $100 on assorted other posters to hang at the Vampire Gothic.

A visit to Comics was a bit disappointing - the selection wasn't as good as I'd hoped. Pandemic was tempting but I eventually found myself deciding between 'The Good, The Bad and the Munchkin' and the Traders and Barbarians expansion for Settlers of Catan, eventually settling on the latter ($80 after discount). It has 22 wooden camels, apparently.
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Finally managed to get the Freeview installed this morning. Can now see what my TV is really capable of :D Unfortunately it take a little while to think about switching between AV and I can't make them PAP each other so it's not easy to make a direct comparison, but the standard channels do look a lot better & the HD preview channel does look nice :)

I've gone UHF so as to get the really good stuff - it's a pity some of the channels are satellite only. Also shelled out for a high end box - multiple hdma outputs, a currently unused ethernet port, usb... displays photos and plays mp3s as well, which I may experiment with tonight. Coming soon - plug in a portable hard-drive and presto, PVR.

A little expensive for something with 'Free' in the name, but hey :D

In other TV related news I'll be watching The Colour of Magic on Prime (so not ad -free unfortunately :( ) on Monday if anyone would like to join me :)
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Anyone know if skype phones will accept more than one account simultaneously?

I can persuade windows to run two instances of Skype if I want/need to be logged into both my accounts, but it's one of the factors hindering my desire to go landline-less.

(I'm looking at the unlimited national calls for 3.95 Euros a month including skype-in number and comparing this to the $36/month my landline costs me, and drooling. Since TelstraClear hasn't been forthcoming with VOIP packages for the residential customer on their cable network (no money in it for them I guess) it's time to seriously look elsewhere.)
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Via Public Address "a Christchurch inventor unveils his personal jetpack at the world's biggest air show in OshKosh,Wisconsin."

direct links


$100k sounds a perfectly reasonable retail price, all things considered.
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So I'm making a trip to Dunedin this weekend :) Travelling solo in the end, perhaps I'll pick up a hitch-hiker or two for company. Planning a stop in Ashburton on the way down to visit my maternal grandparents.

Irony strikes again - I just recieved an email from K. - who I haven't heard from since Marchish.

In other news...
Impulse buying strikes again. 512Mb USB pendrive, $40

A new player is (hopefully) joining Broken Kingdoms tonight. The group really could use another body. She's apparently new to rping and looking to learn D&D - this is the closest available at the moment I think.

mmm, pizza. The supermarket was finally specialing slabs.
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So last week I bought a camera, today I placed the order for my tablet. There is a sale on, the price was right :D I get it tomorrow.

The mortgage will cope :D

And there's a trip to Dunedin yet to come. That's budgeted for tho' :)

Finished my CV, now to stop procrastinating and start on an application letter (the hard part).

Giving in

May. 10th, 2006 06:49 pm
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Olympus SP-500 UZ


So much shiney. Will give it a workout this weekend.

Cons - card won't fit in my multireader, need to use the usb cable to the camera.
-Records movies in .mov format, but I don't expect to use that function much. The "Available light" setting looks interesting tho'...
-not as slimline as I'd like, but you really can't combine slimline and 10x zoom all that well yet :( One camera does so, but at the loss of another essential function.

Things I have learnt:
Manual viewfinders are a dying feature.
Listen at Camera Warehouse, buy at Pauls. (Feel a little guilty about that actually, but $80 not to be sneezed at).


Apr. 13th, 2006 04:04 pm
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The camera I want is on special at just $600. I've been fighting a battle with myself over whether or not to give in to myself and buy it since I saw the ad in the paper this morning.

Then I get home and discover the rates bill has arrived. No, no money for camera :(
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OK, all the photos from Kapcon are online

I have a shiny new printer.

I have PC Model specced up to the point where it runs movies at a reasonable speed.

I have several collared shirts.

I have time on my hands and a long list of things I should do...
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Got a call this afternoon saying my old DVD player had been written off and I could get a replacement or a refund. What that wound up being was a refund spent on a replacement as they didn't have any at the price I got it for or below. I probably could have argued for a complete replacement anyway, but it wasnt that much more.

On the plus side, this one is a Phillips which I expect to be much better quality than the DS model I had, and the 12 month guarantee has reset.

Now maybe I'll get to watch my DVD after all.

Went out for a drink with a girl (temp) from work this afternoon, by way of expanding my social circle. She insisted after I helped her out during the week.

Purely social, a pleasant experience.

Bah, Humbug!
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As I forgot to mention, my dvd player died last weekend. Ironically the first time I'd really tried to use it in 10 months of ownership ([ profile] redchristoph and [ profile] codym have been the beneficiaries, much as with the new TV). In retrospect the signs were there when we watched Monoke, but I didn't know better.

Hopefully the warranty is at least 12 months. I"ve found the receipt but nothing else. Shall visit the store and sort it out tomorrow.

I got a loan statement today telling me I owe less than I thought I did. This is good.

My roses are starting to bloom. This is good but would be better if I had someone appropriate to give them to.

I have that dead inside feeling again. Near-complete lack of motivation. Especially for socialising. It's a wierd dicotomy, this yearning for company at the same time as intensely not wanting to attend upcoming events (gaming excluded). I just can't see anything there for me.

I suppose I should obey the meme:

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want, either good or bad. I promise not to come after you with a spatula, either way.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you.

(or don't, I certainly haven't bothered to reply to every time I've seen it).


Jul. 22nd, 2005 01:28 pm
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Toshiba M4 tablet (last section)

Finally has the 14" screen and the inbuilt CD/DVD.

Battery life is a bit short though. Wouldn't make it through a gaming session without an external plug.


Jun. 20th, 2005 10:25 am
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Last nights gaming session only threatened to become a TPK. And this weeks fate-point lesson for the Bard - don't attempt to non-defensively cast spells when toe-to-toe with an ogre. AoO crunchy-splat.

They've finally found the ruins though, after spending many sessions wandering over every other bit of the overland map :D
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I can once again play Privateer on my main computer, now with shiney new graphics, new missions (for all factions!), wingmen, a fleet of my very own ... and I don't have to sell every pilot I pick up as a slave to get them off my ship!


The players in my Gemini game are so going to benefit....
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So, the loot from Xmas. Towels, sheets, hose attachment set for washing the car, and a dragon incense burner )

And I said I'd do this - a pic of how PC-Model is presently set up in my room )

Went to see The Incredibles last night, good movie, I know I missed half the references. I definitely desire to go see it again.
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Went to the sales, picked up a VCR/DVD combo. Also bought a new toaster.

To cut a long story short, my TV signal now goes Cable -> VCR/DVD -> Old VCR -> TV and I don't yet have a full time VCR hooked up to the computer.

New TV on the shopping list. Sometime.

More concerning, while I was using the videocard to configure the VCR/DVD to a UHF frequency the Old VCR could tune to (no hope with the TV even though it has a UHF tuner [grumble]) I noted that a DVD played in it comes through to the computer no clearer than a video, or the best TV reception from my little aerial. That could be a cabling issue, or a software issue. It damn well better not be a TV-card issue!

Now that that extreme time-waste has happened, I need to take advantage of this sushine to do a little gardening.
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1) They don't come with CD/DVD drives. Buy an external.
2) two out of the three stores where I can get one in Chch don;t keep them in stock because the demand is so limited. The other store keeps one and replaces it as they sell.
2a)This means that _only_ the latest (and most expensive) models are available.
1+2=3) Buy the time I count in the neccessary extras (cd, case, etc) they're a good $1000 above what I was budeting.


Maybe I'll look at being financially able to not feel guilty about buying one next Xmas (by which time they may come with cds). Meanwhile I guess the money is going against the mortgage after all. I'll think about taking it out again and doing something to the house after Xmas.

Considered buying a new camera. That would be much cheaper. But I don't really use the one I have, and while the 10x optical zoom would be nice, the flash would still get me into trouble when I used it ;)


Dec. 9th, 2004 12:54 pm
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I've come to the decision that buying a tablet is a sign of a quarter-life crisis. I've spent the vast bulk of my life looking forward to and planning for things which will happen in a relatively indefinite future. As those who know me well will attest, I almost never do anything in the "now". (When I do I rapidly run out of things to do, as evidenced by the fact that I have spent a chunk of the past week at work in the "now", completed several work tasks, prepped much more than usual for my game, and have very litte left to do.)

So I'm buying the tablet. "Now" dammit. (Or at least, over the next few days. Have to visit a few stores, make a few comparisons. Although the online reseach makes me pretty sure what and from where I'll be buying).

Probably won't use it much, but I'll have it.

Gaming last night was pretty good. I was on a roll (for me) at presentling NPCs, although I still didn't do a brilliant job. The PCs got off to a bit of a slow start trying to decide what to do, but got the hang of things. Despite the group being split three ways most of the session I think I managed to give everyone equal time.

The most frustrating thing was the players not managing to keep NPCs and sequences of events straight in their heads. Confusion and amalgamation abounded. I'm not sure what else I can do about that.

Looks like we are getting an Xmas bonus this year after all. That can go against the mortgage to offset the guilt I feel for buying the tablet with my savings instead.

A midget fortune-teller who escapes from prison is a small medium at large.
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I want one of these on my next car.

Gaming Wednesday - not a spectacular session. Never mind.
Gaming Thursday - Ravenloft (the original Ravenloft) out of left field. Not a bad surprise.

Realised on Wednesday that I am the only unattached person in my gaming groups. Given the stereotype of roleplaying geeks as dateless that was a bit of a surprise :D It was also somewhat depressing :(

Was looking through the paper as part of that checking what movies were on that I want to see - quite a lot. Troy, Van Helsing, The Day after Tomorrow, Day of the Dead (maybe), Starsky and Hutch (almost gone), I think there were a couple of others. I could probably name at least that many more which I've wanted to go to in the last 6 months but haven't and more coming up that I likewise probaby won't get to see. I think the last movie I actually got to see was RoTK, I could probably look back through my journal to find out. I don't go to see movies by myself - half the experience is having someone to discuss them with afterwards.

Anyone want to catch a movie? I can probably afford it once [ profile] redchristoph pays his rent. I only have to survive being "poor" until next Friday.

"I wanna go on the red, I wanna go on the green, I wanna go on all the colours I see in between."

actually (full lyrics) )

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