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Assasination and Execution stunts
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After the event had been postponed multiple times due to acts of nature / illness, considerations of pomp and ceremony were dispensed with. The condemned was simply taken out and shot.
Execution gallery
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Warning for the bandwidth challenged - there are over 300 photos in this set which includes pictures from [ profile] slothphil to pad out events/people I missed. If you'd like to peruse/raid the complete set (750-odd images) drop me a line (or wait until I've given copies of mine to [ profile] slothphil)

I've included shortcuts to each significant break (note thumbnails are representative of events, not link targets).

Friday Night

The Battle

Saturday Night


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The Fairy Bread fairy

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Regretably my camera chose just as the verdict was announce to run out of battery, and the actual dousing was over before I reloaded. However the addition of photos taken by Dust and Woot (using Kate's camera) provides a suitable record of events.

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