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This year I hosted the 48 [crosses off non-existent bucket list]. Much has been made of this but for me it was a relatively straightforward matter
- we have plenty of space
- the house doesn't usually get put back out of party configuration for a good week after a party anyway so a second night was no issue
- with a politburo team responsible for much of the logistics the remainder were pretty trivial for someone with my event-and-people-wrangling experience.

The weather (cold, wet and windy on Friday night*, cold on Saturday night) put a crimp in attendance, but despite that the parties reached critical mass (more so on Saturday). I got to bed about 4am both nights.

* Gazebos threatening to leave the property had to be brought down - there wasn't the attendance to need them and having the garage open sufficed. A little more thought would have seen the last one taken down as well, rather than myself wrestling it down by myself at 7am after hearing a leg drop to the concrete.

Attendance during the day was sparser than I expected, but looking back over my posts from the last several years I may simply have been optimistic.
- I did have to take on organising Saturday brunch myself (in self defence, otherwise I wouldn't have been fed either). I also organised dinner for the handful of people remaining on the Sunday night.
- Showing movies on the new projector turned out to be a good plan on the Saturday, although for the afternoon I put Wall-E on for people then went to take a nap.
- Sunday we got through a few board games although there was only critical mass for one game at any given time. A few other people floated around and the clean-up crew did a good job setting the place back to rights.

The weekend wound up massively over-catered on the sausage front (also on the curry front (Saturday dinner)) and I sent a number of people away with care packages Sunday evening, delivering more on Monday.

There was little drama (there's always /some/) and no serious incidents that I am aware of.

Looking back over my posts also tells me that this was one of the best ever 48s for me mood wise.

Despite suffering from the resurgence of a persistent 'flu
- which had me working from home over the previous week
- had apparently receded entirely Friday night but was back with a vengeance Saturday
- making me patient zero for the 48 hour lurge and
- meaning I spent much of the party Saturday wearing a flu mask in an effort to at least not spray people although the house had been well seeded over the preceding week
- and also eliminated any prospect of trying to make out with anyone or having someone to share my bed for the small hours even if only to have cuddling company (chances would have been slim anyway but it would have been nice to believe they /might/ exist)(may have been saved disappointment and a crash)

... my mood was pretty stable and moderately positive. There were none of the extreme but short-lived peaks I have recorded in previous years and the few serious dips could mostly be put down to fatigue or flu; except for that one triggered by a couple making out in the bathroom.

Monday I had expected to be pretty wrung out but was still going. The rest of the week has been much more of a struggle with the dregs of the lurge and a distinct lack of energy. This weekend had been booked solid with Hall stuff but fortunately a couple of major postponements mean I will probably get some downtime.

Several other things came out of hosting.
- motivation to steadily through quite a lot of major cleaning, tidying and sorting tasks which I had been putting off.
- a reason to purchase the new projector I had been thinking about, which has rendered the big TV finally redundant and allowed a re-configuration of the lounge.

All of these are closed loops I can now move past.
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