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This year was very mixed for me. I think I probably broke-even with Saturday compensating for the disappointments of both Saturday and Monday, but it is currently the end of Monday and I am exhausted and grumpy.

BoD weekend was prefixed by a series of early mornings, very long (for me) days at work in an attempt to meet deadline and dealing with various other minor dramas. I selpt very poorly Friday night. So I went in tired. I was probably no more than 75% awake at any time on Saturday, which wasn't intrinsically a problem.

We started with Seven Wonders then I took on responsibility for a group of people whom had turned up but no-one seemed to recognise, getting them into a game of Ticket To Ride. I don't recall if I played a second game of something with them before a quick game of Coup from which I was quickly eliminated which was fine because I was simultaneously reading the basic rules for Among the Stars so four of us who had never played it before could do so.

At some point the was a game of DC Heroes (Unite) which I greatly enjoyed; but I'm not sure if it was before or at this point.

Finally for Saturday there was a game of something which I appear to have blocked out. I know it was a game I usually enjoy; but it had all the fun sucked out of it by the fact I would take 30 seconds to make my pre-planned turn; then have to wait 10 minutes for my next turn while other players at the table dithered about theirs. [Update: the game was Kingsburgh.]

Drained from this I stayed to take photos of the costumes as people arrived for the evening's LARP then went home via Burger Fuel to eat and freshen up and hopefully recover a spoon for the evening's KAOS party. I didn't recover a spoon and the party itself proved to be lacklustre (although I did get a hug and a couple of interesting conversations) so I aborted my commitments to drop people home and brought myself home early instead, actually getting a fairly solid 6 hours sleep. This set me up to be somewhat less sleepy for Sunday.

I am not having much luck recalling Sunday games or their exact order - There were probably two of Seven Wonders, I know there were two of Castles of The Mad King Ludwig (one at each end of the day), another game of Among the Stars, Castles of Burgundy, an aborted game of Lords of Waterdeep which was paused for prize-giving and then didn't have enough time to continue before players had to be in the evening LARPs.

I actually received a prize for the board-gaming room; not for the terrible pun I knew one person had made a nomination of (from a game I wasn't actually playing in) but apparently there were also a number of nominations for my helpfulness in getting people into games and teaching games (which given my state of not-awakeness was pretty good). I grabbed an interestng looking box of cards from the table in hope of pretty pictures at least; is a two player space-themed deck-builder which I did not get the chance to test out today.

I also received a voucher as a thank you for billeting people (two billets, one of whom I have know for years the other of whom was new to me and BoD but lovely to make the acquaintance of).Total attendance this year was reportedly 98, of over 100 pre-registrations, both new records. Sunday night there were two LARPs and I again took some photos.

Today I was able to sleep a little later but the lack was really starting to catch up with me. Two games of Splendour in which I didn't do at all well are the first games I remember but I'm not sure if I played something else prior. Then Citadels, then a small lunch expedition during which I discovered that Dubba Dubba Moroccan grill has interesting salads; thus superseding Pepe's as my assembly line takeaway of choice. On my return there was a period of dead time before an unsatisfying game of Dominion (Base + Dark Ages) in which my strategy didn't really pan out as I expected but still came 2nd by a point, and a final game of DC (United) in which my temper actually frayed so far as to snap at one of the players on the other side of the table from me when she seemed to be demanding attention just to talk about the cards in her hand during my turn.

(She was actually trying to ask a question about the mechanics of the villain attack I had played - which I had already stated clearly twice already anyway - but it didn't sound like a question and talking about things not relevant to the current turn is something she does a lot.)

It wasn't helping that people I would have like to play the game with /much/ more were doing so at a nearby table, having started while the Dominion game was dragging on.

I dropped out of the game shortly after to deliver one of my billets to her next destination and still be home in time to have the house warm for my regular game; for which all I really have to do is go and sit at the table. And since they are all here, I better go do that.
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