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Sancon Days
Steampunk workshop

Fashion Show
Group photo
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I'm going to lead by reposting from FB the real highlight of my weekend, the bit that had me bouncing off walls for a while afterwards.
So Saturday afternoon I ran my Pacific Rim game - full 6 players, all first-time tabletop gamers plus one of their friends who just watched. I was told by the people at the sign up desk that there had been a lot more interest over the day (possibly because I'd gone a little over top with supporting material next to the sign-up sheets ie photo-quality posters of the jaegers and an example of the character sheet) so I opened it up again for Sunday.

On Sunday two of the players from Saturday and their friend who had watched signed up to play it again and bought two other friends with them (again one just watched and offered commentary). This was a bit awkward - but I changed out kaiju so they weren't fighting familiar opponents.

The best part is they told me they enjoyed my game so much that not only did they sign up to replay it today they torrented the rulebook overnight and were planning to run a campaign of their own. I fully expect to see them at SAGA sometime soon.

As a GM (and (recovering honest) gamer evangelist) I feel this is the big score. Like hitting level 10, or going Epic. [insert simile from your preferred system here]. It's an amazing feeling.

[Aside: a more analytical part of my brain is noting that while I am pleased, I am not pleased with myself per se. I also like this, it suggests I'm not getting to big for my boots as a result.]

Other cool stuff particularly from the second game (because I can just copy-paste)
Other notes from todays game - kaiju #1 wound up basically glued around Valiant Prince's shield and carried to containment, but kaiju #2 managed a x4 crit and cut Demon Wrangler off cleanly at the knees (one pilot fled in the escape capsule before the other had regained consciousness, pissed off pilot #2 then managed to operate the jaeger upper-half single-handedly to grab the escape pod and stuff it back in the launch tube). Kaiju #2 was then systematically carved up by VP and used as a giant flail to beat on kaiju #1 redux who was engaged with Kea Ascendant.

Game one had its share of moments as well - sooo many crit-fails on both sides .... but that's enough of that.

rest of the weekend behind the cut )
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Sancon Pre-event
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Fashion Show

Everything else
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Unplanned, I stepped up to minion at SanCon this morning/today. This included moving a number of heavy things some distance. Even though there were 4 of us* per heavy thing per trip, I have all the aching muscles and a blister.

*As part of that particular episode I also got to be a minion-wrangler.

Between minion duties and running around with my camera I didn't actually get very much time off my feet until the fashion show (and even during that I was pretty focused on photos - not restful). So umm, long hot shower, remember to put the clocks forward, and bed.

My armoury - at least the nerf and melee portions - also got a workout today at the battle.
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2 days. 5 galleries.
Steampunk/Pirate fashion show
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I'm still working on the Sancon photos, but here is a teaser - the gallery from the battle.
Cavalry leads the charge
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What is most important is that I went back Sunday morning feeling absolutely on top of the world, mood level 10, the best I have felt in a very long time. Whatever the combination of factors that led to that I'd like to thank Jen and the other organisers of SanCon for their part.

Beyond that I'm not going to try and record everything I did, but it breaks down into board games and running around with my camera. So when the galleries go up, there will be a pretty good record of where I was at any given time.

For those hanging out for photos, I have to get some from the Steampunk jewellery workshops (which I managed to miss both of) before I upload, and I'm still processing my own photos. The SanCon gallery will get a link in the <-sidebar so people don't have to hunt for it, I handed out several of my cards over the weekend.

There will also be a standalone gallery for Operation Sugar Plum, as the there are too many good photos from that to reasonably include in the SanCon gallery.

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