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Recently I had to have the waste-water pipes to the street cleared twice in the space of about two weeks. The second time we went the whole hog and had cameras down not just the waste water but also the storm-water drains - at least the one of the latter which isn't so clogged they couldn't push through. The results came in yesterday and they're not pretty ....

Fortunately I was saving for another project and building my reserves based on when I first had the waste water pipe videoed and quoted several years ago - but they are all much worse now. (Unsurprising that :-/ #quakecity ) So the several '000 dollars worth of trenching and pipe-replacing which is shortly to be undertaken won't be too much of a a hurdle financially. I knew this was going to have to be done at some point; It's just moving the drains to the top of the list and accepting that my other goal will have to wait ...

And I now have a sketch map of where the drainage on the property actually runs, which is ... not where I thought it did. That greenery on the frontage that I was planning to keep as part of the parental-unit-sponsored landscaping (different project again which has been delayed while we waited for these results) is going to have to go :(
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