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There's a bit of a zeitgeist going around at least in my echo chamber about 2016 and the deaths of a number of celebrities who were of great influence on my cohort in their formative years. I have been mostly an observer in all this as I have never really attached to a real-world role model in this way. Partly because growing up I never had exposure to the same mass-media which made them household names elsewhere, but as I read more about what each of these people meant and represented to people only a click away through social media it becomes clear that it is also greatly because as a cishet white male on an easy course through life I never needed that role-model to aspire to. (Which isn't to say that I wouldn't have been the better for some more varied role models in my life.)

This was particularly well summed up in what I think was a retweet I saw a couple of days ago but have been unable to find to quote exactly, thanking "Prince, David Bowie, George Michael for showing me there was more than one way to express masculinity". Searching has however shown that this is a very common sentiment.

Today it is Carrie Fisher (among others, to be sure) we are mourning; and I do mean we because although I do not have the same strong personal connection I am not so emotionally stunted that I can not respect and and share in the grief for a woman who stood for - and spoke out for - so much to so many.

But to quote one angry man we "lost" in 2015
“No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away...”

These people and many others both past and still with us are the butterflies which create storms on the other side of the world with a flap of their wings. But they did (and do) it not by flexing their own but by inspiring others to do the same, until the beat of a million wings upon wings creates a force which can not be ignored.

With their passing the storms which are their legacy still rage and they will not be forgotten as long as those they inspired, and those whom are in turn inspired, over and over ... as long as we continue to beat our wings, sing their/our songs, carry their light*.

* I don't believe Princess Leia ever used a light sabre. But I believe wasn't entirely unrelated that that she was dressed in light/white, and Carrie stepped up to be a beacon in the real world.

It's particularly poignant for me that I write this today as I remember a friend of my own.

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Dec. 2nd, 2010 10:40 am
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Mapperiffic visualisation of a day's Twitter traffic, via the Herald and SciBlogs (recommend watching on the Vimeo site in HD, w. scaling off)
[Edit - LJ doesn't want to accept the embedded version, you'll have to follow the link :( [/edit]

Mapping a Day in the Life of Twitter from Chris McDowall on Vimeo.

Pumpkin Patch wins this year’s NZTE International Business Awards. Idealog has an interview with the CEO which contains this ponderable quote about "Made in New Zealand".
It’s worth noting that if Pumpkin Patch was manufactured in New Zealand we’d be a much smaller company and we’d employ a lot fewer New Zealanders.
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The good
Enjoyed the quiet drinkies @ [ profile] slothphil's last night. Even managed to feel like I was participating in the conversation :) Snagged copies of photos from the last few parties. Unfortunately none of me accoutremented up for the Steam Punk party :(

The meh
Energy levels are back up the the stage where I don't feel tiredness is an excuse for not getting stuff done and feel that I should constantly be working on something. It's very easy to forget that I'm still one bad day/event/overdoing it away from crashing. I am attempting to ration my time on the big stuff and find low-impact activities (like playing with new web applications) with a 'that may not have achieved much, but it was interesting' payback.

With that in mind...
The busy
a list of significant projects on my radar )
The Twittery
Yes, I've succumbed. Mostly with professional/technical reasons in mind - which in conjunction with the rest of this post should provide enough clues for anyone interested to search out my twitter username.

Actually the driving factor was so I could have an app monitoring a twitter search for "christchurch". I'm such a sad information junkie :(

I wonder if I should get around to setting up a FaceBook account under my real name for similar (and family) reasons. The problem is though that a 'social' networking account without a network attached is practically useless, and professional networking is something I'm even worse at than meeting people socially.

This post didn't achieve much, but it was low-impact.

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