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Blade III - a bit flat. Fight scene, plot exposition (literally), repeat for two hours.

I think I may have to configure the computer so that I can't access games between the hours of say, 8am and 4pm. Only way I'll get anything done.

I blame [ profile] darkferret for giving me the Diablo II bug again.

I don't mind being unemployed, it's the lack of income that bugs me. I'm not too bad so far, but this month's bill load going out is going to be like a kick in the teeth. On a rational level I can accept living off the mortgage as per my plan but emotionally it goes against almost every financial bone in my body to not be earning my money before I spend it. There's that little nagging doubt about not being able to pay it off.

I know perfectly well I will have little difficulty finding employment etc but of course I have no idea what it will be at this stage, and I don't deal well with unknowns.

36. Why is it called tourist season if we can't shoot at them? ;)
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I have felt this sensation before - like being twisted 90 degrees to reality. It tends to accompany major changes. Can be alleviated with intensive physical activity (dancing or getting laid being optimal), and continues as long as it takes my system to settle into an acceptance of the new state of being.

No better options seem to be in the offing, so I'll have to make do with alcohol and gaming. Not entirely sure I'm up to it, but better than just sitting around for the evening

Managed not to make a fool of myself at my farewell morning tea, my supervisor and manager were unable to dig up any embarassing stories from the last 8 years. Kept my reply short and cut myself off when I began to waffle.

Spent most of the day cleaning out my office. Left the posters until last, as I knew that was when emotion would start hitting.

Slipped away from the all-staff function when it became apparent the no formal announcements or anything were going to be made, only saying additional goodbyes to a few people. So left mostly unnoticed.

Payout goes through tonight, tomorrow has a long list of things to do like making appointments with the bank, talking to studylink, sorting through the stuff I brought home...

Day -1

Jan. 30th, 2006 09:57 pm
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So today was my second-to-last day at work. All that's left to do is complete taking down my office and bes signed off on the "green form".

There is a farewell morning tea for me specifically, and an informal afternoon tea for all 9 of us that leave tomorrow.

Last thing tomorrow afternoon is something my mind shies away from, like a black hole. I have no data on which to build an expectation. I guess it will be what is known as a "new experience". People may have noticed that I'm not keen on new experiences :-/

I'm not sure which would be worse, if there is a scene of farewell or if I just slip away and no-one notices me go (the latter seeming far more likely).

After tomorrow afternoon, y'know, set. I know what I'll be doing and I have a fair idea of the timeline for the next 10 months.

But leaving for the last time is going to be ... cause me grief.

"I didn't lose my mind, it was mine to give away"
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7 seemed like a much larger number than 9, or a much smaller one, dependng on the way I hed my nose I think. Wibble.

Troubleshot an interesting problem at work today. Damn Compaq, frontloading their CMOS utilities onto the harddrive rather than including them on the CMOS chip. When you zero-write the harddrive (or change harddrives for that matter), what happens? You lose access to the CMOS on boot, that's what.

These are quite old computers. I understand Compaq has seen the light these days.

Went into Computer Power for my second interview and aptitude test. I had already decided to go with them, pending details of the dress code. But they no longer require a tie, so that's all right. The chap I was talking to today remembered several of the names I tossed at him, and reminded me of one I'd forgotton.

I mucked up one (one!) question on the test, thanks to my brain transposing two letters in the answer. Grrrrr.

Now however, I have to deal with StudyLink before I can register.

What am I going to do tonight?

[update] The NatColl material came today. If I'd stiil been seriously considering them, I wouldn't be now. The pamphlet is a crime against good colour schemes and readablility. Not what I want to see from a College of Design Technology.
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Anyone have experience with either of those two?

I went to a Computer Power (ex Spherion) seminar this evening - I was the only one who turned up so I got the full-on treatment. They do have a couple of interesting courses and are cheaper than I thought they might be.

Apparently 20 hours per week counts as full-time study (for student allowance etc). This concept actually has potential, as far as taking time out from the rat race goes. I could spend the 5 hours a day there which would leave me a good couple of hours more to attend to my own devices than I have at present. The rearrangable schedule could also prove useful should I get the opportunity of employment.

I will read through the folder of information they gave me tomorrow, as I have promised to call back about a follow up appointment.

Itching to get the next PWC workshop out of the way. I want to see what avenues that presents, or whether that may yet be a dead end.
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Last night Racky discovered a grey cat making an entrance to the house through the kitchen window (it's a bit easier to get up there given the woodpile now stacked underneath. There was a hiss and a brief scrap on the bench (one broken plate) before the interloper retreated with Racky in pursuit.

Yesterday morning/afternoon accompanied [ profile] slothphil and others to Orana park. Took some photos which I haven't looked at yet. The morning was quite pleasant, there was a picnic lunch but then the wind got up a bit.

Gaming last night was quite pleasant, mostly due to it's blandness. We beat up the module boss, got our boat ungrounded and completed the sea voyage. Nothing controversial (that came to light, the new PC sneaking off and going on a looting spree notwithstanding).

Today I have been going through this workbook for the redundancy workshops. I've completed the work histories, writing up my current job as two and including SAGA committeee as another. Haven't completed the Over self evaluation or Personal Assessment of Accomplishments - the latter of which requires me to formulate statements that might have come out of Dilbert.

I detest marketese/managementese.

The Career Drivers profile was more interesting though. Apparently my primary driver is Expertise (19/24) followed by Autonomy (17/24) then Material Rewards, Meaning, and Security (all coming in at 15/24). Brining up the rear are Afilliation and Status (each 8/24), Power/Influence (6/24) and Creativity (5/24).

No real surprises, although just looking ant the categories I might have ranked Security higher and Material Rewards lower they pretty much mean the same to me.I might have rated Creativity higher but when I think about it, I want to make something that works, not necessarily something unique.

I think I shall find something a little more mindless to do for the evening.
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Had my meeting, got my letter.

Notice effective from the 1st of January, work out until the 31st of January then two months pay in lieu.

PWC workshops start tomorrow/Thursday.

Still intend to be in a course or alternative employment come Febuary.
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I have dealt with three AMI reps, the last in person and being the one it took three attempts to convey unto the idea that my car was parked and unattended when the incident happened.

But they've accepted my claim and waived the excess as it was clearly not my fault. The car is at the panelbeaters now and should be back by Xmas.

That's the short version of my day. The long version involves constant activity, faxes, buses and finding out that my termination date is probably still a month out (so I will technically have a job at Xmas. Means an extra month's salary, won't go amiss, but I'd rather it were a little cleaner).

Turns out the driver of the truck was a temp as well, it was his first day or something. Sucks for him.

I may be loaned one of the work cars for the duration of my car being in the shop, at least to get to/from work and over the weekend. Of course that could yet be complicated by my taking Friday off.

I've been in that state of highly active calm all day. Probably means I've run out of some emotive chemical or other. I am starting to feel like crashing out for the night tho'.
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I have decided to take the redundancy.

My car has been hit by a truck )

I am really not in good shape.

Edit 9:40pm: I broke a plate.

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