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With my mood OK I talked today to the Dr about my over-sleeping issues. Under the previous anti-depressants they were starting to come "right" but when I switched back to the Citalopram along with an effect like having say the top 5% (less than that) of my brainpower switched back on my dreams again became more vivid and frequent, my sleep got worse and my over-sleeping went right back to 10-12 hours a day.

I've been tracking my time over the past couple of months, here's a summary of August.
Pie chart shows sleep taking up about 46% of time

To save you doing the math that big brown section represents about 45.8% of my month. Other areas of my time-spend in August were atypical, but not that one.

His serious advice was to take up drinking coffee to keep me out of bed in the morning. Well that's not happening; apart from the fact that the mere smell of coffee makes me nauseous I haven't made it to this age without picking up a stimulant habit to start now.

I know a big part of the issue is psychological but I had hoped I might be able to kick-start myself out of the loop with a change in medication. He has prescribed a melatonin supplement ("Circadin®") to see if that will shake up my circadian rhythm. It's non-funded so I'm paying full cost but I am fortunately in the position that the relatively insignificant cost (compared to say cancer drugs) is not an issue.

I get the feeling any effect is most likely to be placeboic, but if that gives me the spoons to not give into the enticement to crawl back into bed "for just a short time" each morning then it works.

(With a full day ahead of me I did manage to drag myself up at 8:30am this morning; and true to form I have had a very productive day as a result.)
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