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Reading back over what I did (and didn't) write in LJ/FB the year went pretty well. Mood wise it sucked for significant parts especially around work, but a second change in meds seems to have fixed most of the "unable to get out of bed" issues I was having and this has had a flow on effect.

It was a drawn out process but the solar panels were installed and activated. Gaming was consistently good. Responsibility for Hall working bees was taken by a new enthusiast who brought a team or others with her. Financially I feel comfortable and splashed out on electronics for myself in the Xmas sales, this is being written on a new flipbook (ex-display, excellent price). In September I had to replace my faithful old camera.

I added my body and camera to some public protests, didn't actually make any new acquaintances in the process as I didn't have the time/energy available to take a part in organising them. I engaged in the comments of a few articles actually speaking up for my values and defending the respect due others who could not be there to defend themselves.

People generally thought I was awesome and told me so repeatedly, even though this didn't make the dent in my low moods I would have liked it to. I am finishing the year under attack from the holiday blues, which I am about to go and try to nap off in preparation for the party tonight.

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