Nov. 26th, 2016

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Champion of Night 5 / Sibeccai 3 / Shadowdancer 1

I thought I had written up this character at the start of the campaign, but apparently not. Busana is one of the more challenging (and challenged) characters I have played from a survivability perspective, rolled ability scores giving a +3 total character as rolled with a 6 CON (boosted to 8 by her race at a trade off of -2 to INT).

In the Arcana Uneathed setting Sibeccai are a humanoid dog/jackal-like race lifted to sentience in times past to serve the giants. Busana displays several traits drawn from this heritage, she is protective, loyal and single-minded in the pursuit of her quests. Presented with another quest she will generally weigh up if it seems more important than her current one and which can be easier set aside for later. As the party is currently trying to prevent the dragon-goddess Tiamat from being summoned into the world ushering in a age of destruction this pretty much always takes precedence, any side-quests undertaken with the intent of bringing them to either a swift resolution or a condition of stability which can later be revisited.

In appearance Busana is a dark-furred Sibeccai with white speckles throughout her fur. She is usually heavily armoured and swathed in veils to shield her sensitive eyes from light, sensitive nose from strong odours, and others from the sight of her sometimes intimidating toothy muzzle. By preference she spends her days napping and relaxing only becoming fully alert and watchful at night, but from long experience easily switches these when required.

Rather reluctantly Busana has found herself the most level-headed and generally socially apt and well spoken (with her whole 10 WIS and 11 CHA!) of a small group of companions. Although her general protective instincts have deepened into a fierce devotion for these few she rarely lets this or her pride in them show. She is similarly stoic about the many times their quest has led them into places uncomfortable for her, not just the oft-found sewers and midden pits but any underground environment or enclosed, claustrophobic space. Preferring to step up and tackle her fears head on Busana often even leads the way into such situations, once a decision has been made or no other path seems practical.
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