Comic #3683

I considered making the last line: "There's space between the Large Hadron Collider team and Donald Trump." But I thought that might be too depressing and close to the bone, so I instead elected for someone funnier and less likely to blow up the entire world.

Comic #1583

More accurately it should be a fair bit darker here, but one theme with all-black panels is enough.

Have you ever been outside on a dark night with no moon, some cloud cover to obscure the stars, and no city or town lights anywhere in the vicinity? It's scarily dark.

One time I was doing some astronomy observing at Siding Spring Observatory. As you can imagine, they have strict rules about outside lights, and the nearby towns (which aren't that close anyway) have extremely subdued outdoor lighting. It clouded over so we couldn't do any observing and I decided to walk back to my accommodation, a hundred metres or so away from the observatory building.

It was so dark I literally almost walked right into a tree. (I had a torch [flashlight to Americans], but I turned it off briefly just to see how dark it really was.)

2017-06-25 Rerun commentary: Providing a link for Siding Spring Observatory, which is located in the Warrumbungles mountain range in northern New South Wales, about 20 kilometres west of the town of Coonabarabran. It's a beautiful place to spend some time, and particularly walking in the Warrumbungle National Park. Just not in the middle of the night.

Comic #1582

Can you say "telegraphed joke"? I knew you could.

I tried to make the set-up a bit more subtle, but there was no real way to do it. So go for the bludgeon, I say.

2017-06-24 Rerun commentary: Okay, now I want a band to write this song. Checking the scene in the film, I've got the positions of everyone completely wrong. From left to right it should be Han, Chewie, Obi-Wan, then Luke. It's not even an exact mirror reversal. Not that any of you cared before I brought it up...

Comic #3681

I remember my mother telling me when I was young not to sit on cold surfaces like metal or concrete because it would give you piles. I had no idea what piles were at the time, but it sounded bad enough that I was careful about ever sitting on anything cold. It turned out that piles is another name for haemorrhoids, and that this whole "sitting on cold surfaces" thing is a myth, as a quick Internet search will now tell you. Doing the research just now I also learnt that there are similar myths about sitting on cold surfaces causing: bladder infections, kidney infections, and even female sterility caused by damage to the ovaries. The things you learn!

Comic #1581

Serron is a sparrial, a species included in the second edition versions of GURPS Space. Sparrials do indeed have Kleptomania as part of their species template. Do you know how hard it is for a gamer to accurately roleplay a species with a compulsive tendency to steal stuff?

I don't think I need to say any more after that.

2017-06-21 Rerun commentary: Kleptomania seems to be a popular choice for a species-wide personality quirk. The halfling-like kender of TSR's Dragonlance fictional world and roleplaying setting also have it. For more examples, simply refer to TV Tropes.

A bit more gaming.

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As I knew Buckets of Dice would leave me drained at the start of the month, I chose to take a few more days off around that weekend than normal. I then didn't get asked about work for nearly two more weeks. Yesterday and today were both simple enough work but I haven't missed the early starts. FB indicates that this time of year is comparatively short on shifts so it may just be the time of year, but paranoid me wonders if I missed out because I wanted time off.

I got to play Chicken Caesar at the weekend, with a couple of the other players teaming up with much younger family. I ended up scoring very well after getting more tokens of one particular office than could be placed on my chickens. Games tonight didn't go quite so well, although I did win Jamaica after a particularly slow start, and the last three treasures (which were the only ones I picked up) being the special cards not point cards.
Messed up an Agricola game this afternoon though, was meaning to take food, got distracted by resources due to not counting properly, and have taken a begging card.

The heat pump has been looked at by a professional, and there's some of fault in the electronics. Not sure how soon the fix is going to be possible.
Comic #3679

Surprisingly there's no TV Trope on this. But yes, Scots have been stereotypical engineers for almost as long as there have been engineers, starting way back with James Watt and early steam engines, and also including such luminaries as Thomas Telford and Robert Stevenson. Just look at this list. EDIT: Uh, yeah, I forgot to mention Montgomery Scott, a.k.a. Scotty, from Star Trek. He was in fact the first and foremost Scottish engineer in my mind when I wrote this strip. I just forgot to include his name when I originally typed up this annotation.


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