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Easter party at Paravel
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Couched as a "Farewell"* this event was actually an even more thinly disguised attempt to tap alumni for money than expected. Jokes on them; I judge not many of the people in attendance were the sort with money to spare.

Of the speakers only one evidenced any real connection to the building. If not for him it the ostensible purpose of the event would have been all but omitted from the proceedings.

How do you wish "Fare-well" to something which is going to be destroyed? I have titled the Gallery "Goodbye" to reflect this.

KAOS Contingent
KAOS Contingent

My memories of from the building are mostly of evenings with the roleplaying/boardgaming club and days around KAOS. Many of those years I was not actually a student. From a somewhat under-socialised starting point I grew up through the people I met there.

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